Relive the evening of the results, which was marked by the infiltration of the far right and the announcement of the dissolution of the National Assembly

Relive the evening of the results, which was marked by the infiltration of the far right and the announcement of the dissolution of the National Assembly

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A few hours after the results of the European elections appeared, the dissolution decision announced by Emmanuel Macron is what is occupying minds and arousing reactions, Sunday, June 9. In a televised speech, an hour after the initial vote estimates, Emmanuel Macron organized early legislative elections from June 30 to July 7. “I have decided to give you back the choice of your future through your vote.”The President of the Republic announced. France Info's political service learned that the government gathered around the head of state is now taking place in the Elysee Palace.

The opposition reacts. Within the ranks of the National Front, Marine Le Pen was satisfied. “We are ready to exercise power if the French trust us.” She confirmed, while Jordan Bardella, immediately after announcing his victory, called for a solution. Eric Ciotti, head of the Republican Party, promised to nominate his candidates “Without any form of alliance”While Renaissance leader Stefan Sigourney asserts that a majority can support outgoing elected officials “From Republican Square” Acceptance “A clear project for the country.” The National Secretary of the French Communist Party, Fabien Roussel, and the National Secretary of Environmental Scientists, Marine Tondillier, called on the left to unite. The head of state will “Clinging to power and carrying out corridor maneuvers (…) until 2027.”Jean-Luc Mélenchon set off in front of supporters of the La France insoumise party, who gathered on Sunday evening in Paris, while another demonstration took place at the invitation of environmentalists.

Historical outcome of RN. Estimates of the results of the European elections in France indicate that the National Rally Party obtained 31.5% of the votes, which is a historic result for the far-right party. This is double the presidential camp, whose list led by Valerie Heyer received only 14.5% of the votes, slightly ahead of the list of Raphael Glucksmann and the Socialist Party crowd (14%), according to the latest Ipsos estimates for France Television, Radio France, France 24, RFI, and the Senate. General and National LCP Assembly.

The first projection of a European bicycle. According to the latest estimate published by the European Parliament, the European People's Party (right) is still in the lead with 189 seats, followed by the Social Democratic Party with 135 seats. Followed by the liberals of the Renewal Party (80 seats), and the right-wing nationalist group of reformists and conservatives (72 seats). In France, the National Rally will have 29 to 31 of France's 81 seats, the Presidential Majority 13 to 14, the Socialist Party 12 to 14, France Insoumise nine to ten, the Liberals six to seven, and the EELV Five Seats and Reconquête Four. To five seats, according to our Ipsos estimates.

Abstention from voting is decreasing. According to Ipsos estimates, it reached 48.6% of voters. Participation (51.4%), if confirmed, would be the highest since 1994, and would confirm the upward trend already observed in 2019 (50.1%). The participation rate in the entire European Union is 51%, according to European Parliament estimates, and is stable compared to 2019 (50.63%).

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