Relive the All Blacks’ crushing victory

Relive the All Blacks’ crushing victory

Welcome to this live broadcast dedicated to the New Zealand vs Namibia match. After losing to the Blues in their first game (27-13), the All Blacks must fight back or risk seeing their hopes of qualifying for the quarter-finals dashed.

What is it about? If we had done it live last night, we would have told you this might be a future patch, between the big names in New Zealand and the Namibians 21We are In the global rankings. Uruguay (17H) proved against France that even small teams can be (very) eye-catching.

Or? At Toulouse Stadium (the most beautiful city in the world according to some).

when ? 21 hours.

on which channel ? TF1.

who lives? Today’s episode will be made up of Clément Martel and Valentin Moinard from the Millennium Stadium in Austerlitz, which will be open on the occasion of the Dou Festival. world. And so we will be with the visitors who came to attend this live broadcast… live. Martin Untersinger sits well in the stadium’s press box.

Formation of teams:

B. Barrett-Clark, Lennert-Brown, Haveli, Vainjaanuku – (S) McKenzie, (M) Roegaard – Papalii, A. Savea (cap), Jacobson – Whitlock, Retallick – Loulala, Tawkiahu, Tongafasi

Subs: Coles, de Groot, Newell, S.Barrett, Vaa’i, Smith, Mounga, Ioane

specific : Ian Foster

Lobser – Mouton, Decille (Cap), Malan, Rousseau – (S) Swanepoel, (M) Stevens – Gauspe, Hardwick, Konradi – Ioannife, Retief – Coetzee, Van Jaarsveld, Benadi

Subs: Van der Westhuizen, Sethi, Cikova, Van Lille, Booysen, Katgijko, Theron, Grayling.

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specific : Alastair Coetzee

Who are the rulers? Englishman Luke Pearce.

What won’t we talk about? On the Nobel Prize list of improbable sciences: reading backwards, counting nose hairs, and tasting stones

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