Relive South Africa's coronation against New Zealand!  – Rugby World Cup 2023 – Final – New Zealand – South Africa (11-12) – 28 October 2023

Relive South Africa's coronation against New Zealand! – Rugby World Cup 2023 – Final – New Zealand – South Africa (11-12) – 28 October 2023

New Zealand 11-12 South Africa

11:06pm: We depart to scenes of jubilation from South Africa! We would have liked to see the Blues instead, but we won't repeat history. See you tomorrow on for the rest of the big football weekend! Good night to all !

81H : What an ending to the knife match! So many little mistakes for the Suds…the missed conversion, and the last penalty too…impossible at this level, and SudAf end up winning the third game in a row by just one point, it's crazy! Fourth world title for South Africa!

81H : I finish !!!!!!!! Springboks are world champions!!!

80H : The referee asks to reconfigure the party! Seven more seconds…

80H : The upcoming quarrel is simply decisive.

80H : The referee points to the black striker!!! The Bucs are 20 seconds away from the coronation!

79H : The Lions have the ball but they start too far away… but they go forward meter after meter, crossing the 50 line. It's breathless.

77H : South Africa keep trying to get themselves a four-point lead, but it just doesn't work… With three minutes to play, the Lions are still there.

75H : I remind you that the Boks have come through their last two rounds with wins by just a small point… again this evening? That would be absolutely crazy.

74H : unbelievable ! The Blacks wanted to get the points, but the penalty kick taken by Jordie Barrett was missed!!!

73H : Welcome, the referee punishes Colby for a voluntary throw-in! South Africa will finish 14th and a penalty for the Blacks! This is madness.

73H : The Blacks got the ball back, what a battle! Tilia spoiled the Boks defence, and New Zealand contested from 22 metres.

72H : Another takedown attempt for the Boks, largely missed, and the Blacks are still alive!

70H : Blacks make small mistakes, like this attack when receiving a candle… A scrum to attend for SudAf.

67H : The release of Aaron Smith, who received plaudits at the Stade de France. There's only a quarter of an hour left!

66H : The defensive sequence continued for a very long time, but South Africa emerged victorious! How energetic Kolbe is on the other side of the pitch, we feel he can make a difference at any time…

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64H : The Boks are suffering more and more, but their defense is still standing!

60H : Well, Mo'unga misses the conversion, allowing the Boks to stay ahead. In the end, it can be very expensive.

59H : Another great move from New Zealand on the left wing with a great pass from Jordie Barrett, a feint from Tilia finally turns on Beauden Barrett who goes flat! Everything has been restarted!

58H : Try the blacks!!!

55H : amazing! The referee cancels Aaron Smith's attempt after a wonderful behavior by Richie Monga! The Blacks still got a penalty.

55H : Alert…Video has been called. There could be a step forward that would cancel the test…

54H : Ohlalala test blacks!!!!

53H : We saw Novak Djokovic in the stands, and it was Roger Federer's turn to appear on the big screen. With a Boks scarf around my neck!

52H : New Zealand were getting better and better in the final minutes. The AfSouth team has been punished, and blacks will find a very interesting touch!

48H : What a shame for the Blacks, who made little difference on the left wing, before Monga launched an attack forward… The little details…

47H : Ah, well, well! Yellow card for South Africa captain Kolisi after his confrontation with Savea! And guess what, it may also turn red within a few minutes…

45H : Ohlala Arendse! The South African winger appeared out of nowhere. He thought he had flattened, but he finally connected (and he did not flatten)…

44H : Black people have a real difficulty receiving candles. It's a constant danger.

42H : Wow, you're off to a strong start! The Boks press the right wing to try to score the first try of the evening, and the Blacks finally escape. In the process, Willemse attempts a landing, which is badly missed.

41H : She's back in Saint-Denis!

40H : It's half time of this final! It hasn't been attempted yet, but the points came after a penalty shootout and, above all, a red card for New Zealand. We should see a great second period!

38H : They are not planning to abandon the blacks! Great sequence, Tilia very close to leveling up, but New Zealand will have to settle for a penalty and take the points. 6-12!

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35H Meanwhile, Pollard turns, and the Bucs widen the gap! 3-12!

35H : unbelievable ! Yellow card for Kane turns red!!! This is a turning point in this final, where the task becomes very difficult for the blacks who find themselves at the age of 14…

34H : The New Zealanders are still penalized, and the South Africans should take the points!

33H : Drop attempt from Willemse, it's a bit short.

32H : How quickly De Klerk created chaos in the Lions defence, and Kolbe was not far from the wing…

29H : Oh… Mostert shoots a ball forward from 22 metres. There will be a good crowd to play for the Blacks. Meanwhile, the referee calls the video and punishes Kane for a dangerous tackle! New Zealand is still 14 years old, and things could go wrong again and turn red…

27H : Ohlala, another poorly negotiated touch by New Zealand, is not possible at this level.

25H : Another good sequence from the Blacks, who collected the candles and found a very good touch at the entrance of the 22-meter opponent. But South Africa is recovering!

22H : Good news everyone: it's not raining anymore (for now).

19H : Clearly both teams are very undisciplined! New Zealand are still under sanctions, and Savea is at fault for not releasing the tackled player. Pollard doesn't hesitate to take the points, he barely passes them, it's 3-9!

17H : It was very hot… Barrett tried to find Savea with a little kicking game over the opposition defence. Willemse was able to flatten into disaster, but there was a continuing edge. Blacks logically chose to take points 3-6!

16H : First black spotlight in 22m for South Africa! They are better since balance on Earth has been restored.

14H : All good for Pollard! 0-6!

12H : The referees have given their verdict on Wetzel: he will receive a simple yellow card. Blacks are doing well! At the same time, they agreed to a new punishment.

10H : What a job Cheslin Colby did! The full-back was tackled but still managed to find Willemse on the wing with a brilliant kick! South Africa is pressing…

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9H : The scrum is well managed by the blacks who have managed to liberate themselves to some extent.

8H : A big start from South Africa anyway, the aggression is there, and the blacks are barely breathing.

5H : Frizell was penalized for his undisciplined removal of Bonji Nbonamby… who had to make way for Dion Fourie due to injury. A yellow card can also turn red within a few minutes.

3H : BOX opening score! From the penalty kick, Handre Pollard turned the ball over with his foot without any problem. 0-3!

3H : And indeed a video call from the referee… it will be a yellow card for Shannon Frizzell!

3H : What a huge intervention from Ben Itzith! The pitch roared.

1H : We're watching ourselves with footwork at the moment.

9:02 PM: Here we go! good game !

9:00 p.m.: This haka is awesome! The stadium generally respects him. It's time for serious things!

8:58 pm: And obviously we're moving on to the traditional Hakka!

8:55 PM: He is very respected, and we move on to the South African anthem.

8:54 pm: The stadium rises, and it's time for the national anthem, starting with the New Zealanders' chant.

8:53 pm: Well, it won't last long. The players are ready, they are taking the field!

8:50 PM: It's nice, it's bright, and it's not too bad visually, but I admit I have trouble with these displays a few moments before kick-off. Everyone wants to get to the bottom of the matter, not listen to music.

8:47 pm: TF1 is broadcast, Dan Carter presents the trophy at the Stade de France. At the same time, we had a little Mika show (and I think I heard some whistles…).

8:45 pm: It's a big story tonight. Both countries have won three world titles, it's a question of international supremacy at stake here…

8:45 PM: Hello RUGBIX! That's it, we're there! One month and 20 days after the start of the Rugby World Cup, we have finally reached the final. New Zealand and France South Africa there. What's your favorite little one?

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