Release month and next trailer may have been revealed by an insider -

Release month and next trailer may have been revealed by an insider –

Well-known leaker AccountNGT has returned to the office with new information allegedly on Hogwarts LegacyA third-person action role-playing game set in the Harry Potter universe. In particular pointed deep throat Release month Dedicated to the game H When we see him in action in a new trailer.

Through a post on Twitter, the insider says the game is expected to be released in a month September 2022, with a new trailer focused on usable spells and abilities expected to arrive in February or March during a PlayStation event, likely the next state of play.

We would like to make the obvious: the above is unofficial information and it is impossible to verify its authenticity, so take it with caution while waiting for news from official sources.

However, a possible launch in September, or in any case in the third quarter of the year, is a fairly reasonable hypothesis: As WarnerMedia CEO emphasized, Hogwarts Legacy will hit stores by the end of 2022.

Likewise, it’s been a while since the last official video, which according to rumors is due to the media storm spawned from some J.K. Rowling’s remarks, so it’s definitely time for a new trailer or gameplay video.

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