Relax: ASMR, what's that funny?

Relax: ASMR, what’s that funny?

Whispers are the most common ASMR technique offered on videos to professionals in this relaxation method…quite unusual. Freepik . pictures

For a few years now, ASMR seems to have become a complete relaxation method. According to a study published in the scientific journal PeerJ in 2015, 82% of consumers of ASMR videos use them to sleep. But what exactly is it? Does this little-known technique have any real benefits?

Zoom in on what for some has become a true sleep ritual, in collaboration with Tatiana Ratief of Corpus Vitae, a guide in meditation, yoga and bodily practices in Lyon.

What is ASMR?

“ASMR” is the English abbreviation for “Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response” and is the French equivalent of “response sensory culminante”. It is a complex emotional state caused by auditory and/or visual stimuli (commonly referred to as stimuli). This emotional state usually results in a feeling of deep relief, accompanied by tingling and chills.

ASMR players are often used on Youtube, by niche channels whose owners are often real artists, usually called “ASMRists”.

But you already know ASMR…

Even if you’ve never consumed it on Youtube, ASMR is a sensation you may have experienced without realizing it…listening to someone whispering in your ear, raindrops falling on a window or the repetitive sound of a brush running through your. Poetry.

What is in an ASMR video?

Like we said, Youtube is the primary platform for ASMR videos, of all kinds and for all tastes. However, even if there is great diversity, they all have in common creating a virtual affinity with the person watching. All of the ASM’s menus always address the viewer directly in front of the camera and in a low voice, as if immersing the viewer in a bubble of soothing familiarity. Then each video is assigned to one or more players, such as a file eavesdropping, which consists of clicking objects (a small amount of yogurt can make up an ASMR thing), whispers, mouth sounds (clear sounds for example) or even hand movements.

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In addition, many of the videos are dedicated to “personal interest”. ASMRiste, here, takes care of the viewer through comforting words, health/aesthetic therapy or whisper-reading. The role play They are also very successful; These are ASMR videos in which ASMRist improvises themselves as actors for a more intense immersive experience…the viewer finds themselves immersed in a certain world, encountering a character they are happy to discover.

The description of ASMR may sound a little strange. The best thing is to make your own decision. However, you should be aware that not everyone accepts ASMR. Some will be uncomfortable, others will be indifferent. But for those who are receptive, ASMR quickly becomes addictive, according to some testimonials… If you want to test, here’s Some ASMR Channels That Do Good

What are the benefits of ASMR?

When one is receptive, the benefits of ASMR vary according to the profiles. But for many internet users, the main benefit of ASMR is Promote sleep and reduce stress. Some people with depression also see a temporary improvement in their mood. Additionally, other netizens who suffer from chronic pain claim to feel better after an ASMR session. Focusing your mind on an object or on the sound allows you to separate yourself from the mental conversations. And leave less space for thoughts, to feel more still. This is why ASMR is often associated with mindfulness meditation. Benefits that are now recognized by science.

However, Tatiana Ratiev remembers it “These two processes remain very different because mindfulness meditation does not add external stimuli but invites the person to explore silence. The practitioner learns to cultivate his ability to be in the presence of reality and to find comfort in that reality, whatever the circumstances.” A guide to mindfulness meditation remains skeptical about the practice of ASMR as a true method of relaxation: “We are already exhausted in terms of external stimuli and it seems to me that developing our ability to silently recharge our batteries is more beneficial. This makes it possible to become independent in this ‘search’ for sleep and well-being and not be dependent on a new external stimulus…”.

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What does the science say about ASMR?

It was only recently that the scientific community became interested in the ASMR phenomenon. One of the first studies was carried out in 2015 by two British psychologists, Emma L. Barratt and Nick J. Davies from Swansea University in the United Kingdom, and published in the scientific journal PeerJ. The aim was to determine the feelings and motivations of people belonging to ASMR.

The study revealed that 98% of them see these videos as a real way to relax and manage stress on a daily basis. Additionally, many media outlets refer to ASMR as “cerebral ecstasy.” Except that according to this scientific study, people who seek sexual stimulation through these videos represent only 5% of the respondents.

Recently, a US study published in June 2018 in the online scientific journal PloS ONE appeared to advance research into ASMR. By demonstrating that auditory stimuli induce immediate relief by decreasing heart rate and the release of endorphins (a hormone known as the happy hormone). Other An American study published in 2019 It indicates that the therapeutic use of ASMR videos improves the mood and behavioral development of people with autism (autism spectrum disorder).

In short, although promising, few scientific studies have been conducted so far on the phenomenon of ASMR. He’ll undoubtedly come, because the fact remains that it’s getting increasingly crazy… and very real.

Anis Pearson, beauty and wellness consultant at Ma Santé, shares good tips and advice about the sound stray words blog.

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according to Ahrefs reportToday, the keyword “ASMR” has a search volume of nearly 15 million. Among the top 100 keywords on Youtube, ASMR is ranked 2nd in the US and third in the world.

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