Regé-Jean Page: such a glorious title bestowed upon him by science

Regé-Jean Page: such a glorious title bestowed upon him by science

Headlining the first season of Chronicles of Bridgerton, René-Jean Page is an actor with a promising future. Recently, he got a new nickname that gave him science…and you could be right!

It was a title he bore Robert Patterson. Translated by Edward Cullen twilight set as The most handsome man in the worldAnd A title that contains something ego-boosting. No wonder except Brigitte Macron. during the Great competition appeared on TF1 On January 13, 2023, the wife of the President of the Republic learned of this Chris Evans was elected “The sexiest man in 2022”A title closely contested by First Lady. from her point of view, this is good Emmanuel Macron the most beautiful. Yes, but now, according to science, neither Robert Pattinson nor Chris Evans broke the world beauty record. with the help of an algorithm Used by the architects and artists of ancient Greece, plastic surgeon Julian de Silva was able to name the man with the title. Surprise, surprise, he’s also an actor!

Radiant face and beautiful eyes

This is the guy that Netflix fans have been able to spot Bridgerton Recordsis nothing but Reggie Jean Page. Everyone who played Simon Bassett in the first season of the series managed to climb to the top of the rankings. According to Julian De Silva, the actor is getting close to him “perfection” on a scale “The Golden Ratio of Beauty” fi. Likely to headline the next James Bondhas a score of 93.65%. Reggie won because Her classic pretty face and gorgeous brown eyes,” I captivated the plastic surgeon to daily Mail. But, His nose appears to be the missing part of his body.

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If it’s No. 1, Regé-Jean Page is it He was closely followed by Chris Hemsworth. Ex-husband’s brother Miley Cyrus He received a score of 93.53%. Singer Harry Styles and basketball player Michael B Jordan She is also among my favourites. Today, the algorithm is often questioned due to the deconstruction of beauty standards and the advent of body positivity…but we must admit that this tool can also be true to purpose!

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