Referring to Guadeloupe's "autonomy", Sebastien Licornu makes waves

Referring to Guadeloupe’s “autonomy”, Sebastien Licornu makes waves

Reactions – in search of a way out of the crisis, the Minister of Overseas Territories noted the desire of some elected officials of Guadeloupe to entrust them with making certain decisions, uttering the term “autonomy”. It is the possibility that made the opponents respond.

Sebastien Licornu made clear in a televised address to the residents of Guadeloupe on Friday that the government “Ready” To talk about the autonomy of the island. A sudden announcement meant to be the beginning of a response to the elected officials who had told him, during meetings to try to resolve the crisis in the West Indies, that they wanted Less equality with France, more freedom of decision-making by local decision makersAccording to the minister. “There are no bad discussions as long as these discussions solve the real problems of daily life for the people of Guadeloupe”The minister continued.

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Guadeloupe and Martinique in the grip of strong tensions

By open discussion, “without taboo”The government member also angered the opposition. On the right, LR Prize nominee Xavier Bertrand has criticized the possibility. He wrote on Twitter: “The inhabitants of Guadeloupe and Martiniques do not want a less state, but on the contrary: they want the state to stand by them and take on its responsibilities.”

The gist of another Michel Barnier’s letter aspiring to get the presidential ticket LP.The unity of the nation is at stake. What is expected of the government in the West Indies is power, dialogue, health and economic support. No panic, no improvisation”. “It is not permissible to raise doubts about our connection with France overseas.”, concludes the former European Commissioner.

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Eric Ciuti, his LR rival, sees in this ad, Macronism [qui] Still succumbs to the street and rioters in the West Indies”, noting that caregivers on the island have already been given a deferral of the vaccination commitment until December 31.

Right, Marine Le Pen, former National Rally sponsor and presidential candidate, launches on Twitter: “In an attempt to buy off the radical separatists, the government says it is ready to abandon Guadeloupe. This is not what Guadeloupe residents expect! They expect the state to be protected, respected, and given opportunity.

Florian Philippot, his former right-hand man and current head of the Patriots, who is also a presidential candidate, confirms:Our citizens of Guadeloupe do not want autonomy, they want, like all of us, the end of the genetic madness! ”

Thirteen days ago, Guadeloupe, like Martinique, went through a new social crisis born of a challenge to the mandatory Covid vaccine for caregivers and firefighters.

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