Redfall on Xbox Game Pass: Arkane’s Fears and Thrills |  Xbox One

Redfall on Xbox Game Pass: Arkane’s Fears and Thrills | Xbox One

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It made it possible to learn new things about the game. Its world, the comparison to Left 4 Dead and its natural affiliation with Far Cry eg part of the conjured points you can find in Our dedicated article. Another important point that was taken up by the studio was the integration of the game into Xbox Game Pass upon its release.

Xbox Game Pass: between stress and excitement

Redfall is an important game for Arkan in many ways. First of all, it’s an open-world co-op game, very different from the studio’s habits. Then the title will be available on Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass right on the day of its release.

The issue of integration into a Microsoft service is an important opportunity for Arkane to make its work known to as many people as possible.

I feel like with Xbox Game Pass, we have the ability to say, this is Arkane, these are our creative values ​​— we can reveal to a lot of people the way we make games. My hope is that we allow people to experience what we do: creating deep worlds, telling environmental stories, emerging outcomes of battles and your power, creating lovingly crafted worlds with a real sense of purpose. History and personality.

However, this also represents a new pressure on the shoulders of the studio, which will have to support the flow of many players upon release, and will also receive a lot of feedback from the community:

The pool that Game Pass offers is huge for us. It’s kind of shocking, and scary in a way. For example, how many people will play Redfall in the first week? What if it’s a lot more than we expected…we’re going to get a lot of feedback very quickly, and a lot of people are going to see what we’ve spent the last few years on

A game developed under difficult conditions

Although things are thankfully a little better now, we’ve had two very difficult years due to COVID-19. Redfall was mainly developed during the epidemic, and this clearly affected the teams.

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The developers conjure up a difficult period, but they managed to get support from Zenimax and Bethesda, as well as from Microsoft, which just acquired the studio:

Redfall is our plague game, man. It’s easy to forget now, but there were dark days during the pandemic. My team members were sitting alone at home, losing their minds because we didn’t have any vaccines yet, and no one knew what that meant for their children and the economy. The team have supported each other this whole time; Zenimax, Bethesda, and Microsoft have been very good to us during this difficult time. Now that we’re on the other side, the last thing I have to do here is launch Redfall

Hopefully, the game will take off successfully, and Xbox Game Pass will allow more gamers to discover the studio’s work. Remember, Dishonored, Deathloop, and even Prey games are already available on Game Pass, and we can’t help but encourage you to play them.

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