Redfall: 60fps patched stated with a tag on the game boxes |  Xbox One

Redfall: 60fps patched stated with a tag on the game boxes | Xbox One

Scheduled in 5 Short Days on Xbox Series X | S and PC, Redfall is currently at the center of a bit of ridicule from netizens. As is often the case, the boxed version of the game is already visible in some retail stores and some gamers have noticed a rather funny detail on the back of the cover.

Connection problem or last minute problem?

Makes you wonder what could be going on in Microsoft offices? To understand what we are talking about, we have to go back two weeks, remember.

We have already learned that Redfall will not offer a performance mode at 60fps at the exit, it will initially be necessary to be content with 30fps while waiting for the patch.

He is tinged with astonishment Jez Corden (Windows Central editor) recently shared on his Twitter account the back of a cover showing the possibility of playing at 60 frames per second.

Problem, today we all know that it will not be possible in the near future, but how to fix this error? Microsoft seems to have found the solution by simply sticking a patch sticker on the respective boxes with the following message: “60fps performance mode not available at launch”.

Rest assured, this extraordinary story will in no way delay the release of Redfall, expected on May 2, 2023 on Xbox Series X | S and PC. The game will be integrated on Day One into Xbox Game Pass, PC Game Pass and Xbox Cloud Gaming, pre-download is already possible.

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