Rebirth of the La Rainerie natural area

Rebirth of the La Rainerie natural area

It is located near a forested area and in an adjacent vicinity to the center of the ancient city of Sirin, attached to Route 19H In the town of Semblankai, which is crisscrossed by many rivers, the 2,656-hectare Raineri Pond was created in 1996.

Under the direction of Martine de Roquefeuille, Deputy in charge of the Environment, the restoration of this natural site is being carried out with the assistance of Adac 37 (Administrative Agency for Assistance to Local Authorities), the Water Agency, SEPANT (Association for the Protection of the Environment (Study, Protection and Development of Nature in Turin) and Pays Loire Nature. “Bird migration has become very difficult and this place is suitable to welcome them.” The chosen one explains.

Planting trees and hedges

After taking stock of the biodiversity found in and around the pond – species of poultry, amphibians, plants and fruit trees – the project takes shape with the restoration of the two banks and the planting of hedgerows, an orchard, plant rafts and small islands. It has been cleared to accommodate a greater number of heritage species: frogs, locusts, salamanders and pheasants.

A full program is in place to maintain and even improve the Rainerie site.
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The country road serving the site will be framed by a canvas fence. “The trainees from Fondet Agricultural High School, under the supervision of their trainer Stephane Marchet, planted fifty trees and shrubs of various varieties.” explains Martine de Roquefeuil.

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On the plain, these retrained men and women continue their training, keeping the farms apart. “Here, in the plain area, in this temperate land, they are busy planting 78 different trees (plum, sambucus, sorbus, viburnum) of different sizes for a harmonious visual appearance.” The Deputy Mayor continues.

Create an observation promontory

On this 4.5-hectare site, where birds are starting to sing and buds are blooming, rehabilitation work is going smoothly. In the fall, we will create a wave-shaped forest area, with 2,500 trees, isolating the pond from the nearby urban environment. 160 shrubs will also be planted and provide protection against deer. »

Nothing is left to chance to allow everyone to discover and enjoy the wonders of nature: “A promontory will be created for bird observation and identification, pollination cells, as well as a specific path for visitors.”

This project, with an estimated cost of €110,000, is supported by the Management Fund for Sustainable Regional and Municipal Planning and Development and outstanding grants from the Green Fund.

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