Rebel Wilson pulls off in stunning shots

The actress was surprised in a strapless bikini. Photos / Instagram

After revealing that she had hit her weight loss goal of 75 kg a full month ago, Rebel Wilson has been enjoying herself on social media.

On Thursday, the 40-year-old actress published two stunning photos at the Medical Center and Holistic Sanctuary in Vivamayer in Lake Altussi in Austria, thanking the team for their help in losing weight.

Wilson said she was excited that she could start 2021 with “a healthy body and mind”.

“Thanks to Dr. Schubert and all the members of the vivamayraltaussee team in beautiful Austria,” she wrote on Instagram.

“I will start 2021 in an amazing place, with a healthy body and mind … and a boosted immune system! I love the care you are all giving to your patients – I’m so grateful! Now we’re moving on to maintaining weight loss and healthy lifestyle!”

The post was accompanied by two photos of Rebel, one of which showed the star in a swimsuit, enjoying her time in the pool.

The cat star has lost 28 kilograms since the start of the year, after declaring 2020 “the year of her health.”

On Sunday, the star shared the exciting news that she had reached her goal.

Wilson thanked the Vivamayer Altusi team in Austria for helping her enjoy better health.  Photos / Instagram
Wilson thanked the Vivamayer Altusi team in Austria for helping her enjoy better health. Photos / Instagram

“Achieving my goal within one month of saving it! Even though it’s not all about weight, it’s health.

“I needed a concrete measurement to be a target and it was 75 kg.”

On Wednesday, Wilson became extremely candid and extremely emotional when discussing her health journey with her Instagram followers in an Instagram live broadcast.

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In her most candid discussion to date, Rebel Wilson opened up about the near-death experience, how the industry had not accepted her weight loss, and how she has now frozen her eggs.

“In terms of the industry, there were a lot of people who wanted me to stay in the name Fat Amy,” said Wilson, referring to her character in the movie franchise Pitch Perfect.

“And at the end of the day, this is my life, my body, and Hollywood somehow smears me but I didn’t want to stay that way.

Rebel became candid with her fans on a live broadcast on IG.  Photos / Instagram
Rebel became candid with her fans on a live broadcast on IG. Photos / Instagram

“I feel sad sometimes because I didn’t value myself enough before all of this to recover.

“I’ve probably been overweight since I was about 20. This year I’m 40 years old, so maybe 20.”

Rebel Wilson completes an epic workout outside of the epic Sydney Opera House. Video / Rebels

In one of her biggest discoveries, Wilson opened up about the time she “almost died,” which also happened when she was at her thinnest.

“I was thinner when I got malaria when I nearly died, when I got out of the hospital everyone was like ‘Wow what did you do? “I was dying …

“But I might not have carried the weight that I am now since then like high school, which is interesting, but for 20 years I was a bigger person.”

The comedian, during her live broadcast, resisted her tears when she revealed to her audience that she had not treated her body with the “love and respect” it had deserved in the past.

And she continued, “I would wear my weight as a barrier, so that people would not approach me.”

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“I was not appreciating myself and telling myself negative things. That was difficult. I try to change those patterns, so you are more loving and treat yourself with respect.

“I work on self-love, which is a difficult concept to master.”

The actress went on to explain that another important reason she wanted to be healthy this year was because she wanted to freeze her eggs and enable her to form her family in the future.

She added, “I was thinking about fertility and getting good quality eggs in the bank, so I was like – Okay, I’ll do this. I’ll recover.”

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