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Read with the “Quiet Leaders” of the Olive Tree in the New World

A survey conducted by YouGov in collaboration with the Global Progress Network, which was conducted on twenty countries and a sample of twenty-two thousand people, says that for those who answer the questions, the idea of ​​change is connected. From the deterioration of their living and working conditions and the conditions of your family. It is the dangerous and bitter fruit of the epidemic, but it is also the fruit of the years of sovereignty and populism. closed cycle? Of course, the global political winds have changed, or almost have. Although he is not entirely sure that the progressives have changed and modernized.

So we discuss the fear of the future, but also the contrast with inequality, environmental transformation, and climate emergency, on the beautiful balcony of the Democratic National Headquarters, which overlooks the dazzling baroque of the capital, to the delight of the people. guests. Yesterday he met scholars and advocates of progressive think tanks from the (Western) half of the world, the driving force of which was the Center for American Progress led by John Bautista, a former adviser to Clinton and Obama, a foundation of another American Democratic presidents. contracts. Session behind closed doors, first two days of Progressive Futures, World Progress Summit 2021, in collaboration with Socialists from PSE. Organized on the occasion of the G20 taking place simultaneously in the capital, it is seen as a progressive counterpoint to the G20. “Our” G-20 is somewhat more ambitious: if we’re talking about climate change on the one hand, we’re talking here about climate justice, if on the one hand we’re talking about the work of global recovery for us. In short, we progressives are pushing the agenda even further,” explains Leah Quartabile, who honors the house with the secretary. “Matteo Salvini has the leaders of Poland and Hungary in his field, and we have Biden, Schulz, Sanchez and Trudeau.”

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The Democratic Party is seizing the opportunity to restore “physical” contact with what it calls the “Biden Galaxy” and to engage more closely with the world’s progressive community. A political network that should not be called “the world olive tree”: the name did not go well in the mid-nineties, and the process of nostalgia does not help a secretary who wants to appear as an innovator.

Enrico Letta takes advantage of this opportunity to strengthen relationships with all progressive leaders but also to reconnect with those who have long been living abroad through Science Leadership or through Apsia, the Association of Professional Schools of International Affairs, and the Association of International Business Schools Worldwide, which He collaborated with her until he became Secretary of the Democratic Party. This is a necessary confrontation for those who are candidates, sooner or later, to become the prime minister of the progressive camp in our house. It is impossible without the support of a powerful network of progressive think tanks. Also because the details have been emphasized with some malice, Letta’s personal and political profile is very surprisingly in line with the image of the progressive leaders ruling at the moment. Leadership is seen as “calm and reassuring”: from American Joe Biden to German Olaf Schultz, to Spaniard Pedro Sanchez, to Jacinda Adern, New Zealand’s young prime minister, to Justin Trudeau, Canada’s absent-minded prime minister.

Today, the plenary and star session from three in the evening in a theater in the center of the capital (Rome Eventi in Via Alibert). European Commissioner for Economics Paolo Gentiloni will speak with Rossio Martinez Samper, of the Felipe Gonzalez Foundation. Then comes New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern with Enrico Letta, Pedro Sanchez and Olaf Schultz, albeit at a distance.

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