REVUE DE PRESSE. Le meilleur de la presse mondiale après France vs Nouvelle-Zélande

Read in the press. The best in the world press after France and New Zealand

In the wake of victory France in the face of all black On Saturday, November 21, the sports media focused on the performance of the tricolor. A quick overview of the reactions that followed the victory of the Blues, whether in France, New Zealand or the rest of the world!

Glory day has arrived in France

We were eagerly waiting for this victory over all blacks. The result was even tastier because the two previous meetings had left me feeling somewhat mixed. First of all, the daily L’Equipe presents its usual day one of the following days at a large meeting. titled “All completely blue flame”specify: Reinforced and daring, the Blues had a resounding success against the All Blacks, which they will find in less than two years at the opening of the World Cup.. Detailed rugbyama specialty media is featured. In their opinion, a roman netmak “Wonderful […] established himself as a master. On the side of putting half of the scrum, asking if Antoine Dupont Should “Keep the XV captain for France”. All this while specifying that “angry question”. It also evokes a “DuPont, Leader of the Greatest Achievement of the Blue Decade” Who Can Benefit From The VI Nations Tournament Coming To “Confirm your aura”. Which would trigger a discussion about the return Charles Olivon As captain after returning from injury.Football. Brief video. Relive France’s achievement against the All Blacks

On the public media side, the scientist evokes blues music “booster” Who is the “Crush all the blacks and mark their lands, two years before the World Cup.” According to the daily public newspaper, “The blues painted the bodies of all blacks in white.” even put “In the men’s retreat Ian Foster, scored three goals Tests With power in half an hour.” It concludes with: “On the uphill slope for two years, they want to lift the gauntlet.” NS le Figaro, the focus is on “Crush and Scratches” From the editorial staff on site. Our colleagues particularly welcomed the atmosphere observed yesterday at the Stade de France and also highlighted a special peat who realizes “Weakness over his father’s idols”. On the other side of the mirror, they negatively criticize the performance of the All Blacks group “Burned” as well as “Wooki’s Masterpiece Fail” After re-launching Netmak. Other posts, more abnormalThe football media, Actu Foot, which was followed by nearly 3.5 million people, praised the performance of Damien Benaud and his colleagues.

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Video.  France.  The amazing recovery of Roman Netamak from inside the goalVideo. France. The amazing recovery of Roman Netamak from inside the goal

international success

For the New Zealand press, the shower is cold, even icy. Iconic newspaper New Zealand Herald Replace the context of this defeat: “A week after losing in Dublin, the All Blacks were defeated again, this time by the inspirational French, and Ian Foster’s men were sentenced to three losses in a season for the first time since 2009.” The words are harsh for director Ian Foster, with the newspaper not hesitating to ask If we don’t have to change the coach While his contract is still standing. They mention in particular the arrival “shaving” Scott Robertson is on top of the selection. The media things evoke “The wonderful and wonderful fifteenth of France that taught all blacks a lesson”. Without restraint, journalist Mark Hinton evokes New Zealand in “Free fall on a mountain we climb” And the world of rugby It is dominated by the Nordic countries, as Ireland, France and England have shown..French national team.  The Blues ignites social networks by passing 40 points to the All Blacks!French national team. The Blues ignites social networks by passing 40 points to the All Blacks!

Along with other countries of the world, ESPN Scrum Blues praised. evoke: “An exciting test that sums up the French game – a delightful combination of flair and strength to which the Blues have added their penchant for letting things slip.” the site rugby lane He does not go hand in hand and glorify Roman Ntamak and his teammates by highlighting A “France takes down the Blacks in a great show”. journalist Sam Smith New Zealand selection poses “Really exposed” which France showed ‘obvious failures’. He also mentioned Netamak’s counterattack as a real turning point in the match: “The match was balanced, France advanced by two points to 27-25 with about twenty minutes remaining, before an exceptional counter-attack suggested the match in favor of France.”

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