Rawan. Writing blanket signs in public places angering the professor

Thorough writing is done even in public places in Rouen. If the city claims to be acting “without dogmatism,” a professor warns of the consequences of this spell reform. (© DR / Ruan City)

L ‘Comprehensive writing It is part of language development, in logic Parity between men and women. This is to avoid any Discrimination, By establishing spelling neutrality: We are no longer writing “Hello Everyone”, but “Hello Everyone”. This new form of writing becomes visible even in the public space, as in Rawan (Seine Marine). Stephan Jobe School teacher In the city, specifically, for example, on the board of a common city park, where there is a mention of “residents”.

‘No grammar logic’

However, for the teacher, this spelling reform is a perversion and even threatens the learning to read. “Comprehensive writing has no grammatical logic,” says Stefan Jobe, 40. To learn to read, we use the syllabic method or “ba-ba”. There, the trained reader could no longer pronounce what he read aloud, because there was no longer any match between written language and oral language. The third grader teacher uses a simple but expressive simile.

For children, but also people with disabilities, dyslexia, or who are learning to speak French, this amounts to offering 15,000 colors at a time, not blue and yellow.

Stephan JobeThe teacher is opposed to inclusive writing

It is an unnecessary confusion, he said. “It’s a decoding of a spelling code that has been in operation for centuries.”

Political betting

New pronouns, such as “iels” which, according to the same principle, do not distinguish between the sexes, are also problematic according to him. “These are three words mixed in one word. It is a word that cannot be deciphered, thus denying access to the meaning of written information,” continues Stefan Joby. He particularly regrets that the arguments in favor of comprehensive writing have a “systemic” relationship to politics. It goes hand in hand with escalating political battles. But they have nothing to do with the school, which is supposed to be neutral. “

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If he makes clear that this reform has not really taken a place in education yet, he fears that teachers, in the future, will be free to implement it.

When asked about the possible generalization of this neutral language in her communications, the City of Rouen answered. “Inclusive writing is not systematic. We use this writing without dogmatism, as long as it is useful and relevant.”

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