Rassie Erasmus scolds the journalist!

Rassie Erasmus scolds the journalist!

South African director of rugby, Rassie Erasmus, lost his cool on Twitter.

The latter dealt violently with a New Zealand journalist, Ben Smith, on Twitter.

The message is scathing. Extracts:

“Well, I don’t know if you’re a real person, but maybe you need to stop shaming New Zealand with your tweets. Be mature, man, and see if you still have some balls (he or she) that will show you and help you become a little more of a man or woman.” .

Retweet Manager Big win over the All Blacks 14 and take it easy my friend. Leave X/Twitter and enjoy the festivities. I’m not speaking for New Zealand. Are you mad because I don’t think this is the best rugby team ever?

Rassie Erasmus recently got into a heated argument with this journalist after Ben Smith publicly criticized the game he calls the Springboks.

Ben Smith didn’t pull any punches. Extracts:

“The Boks of 2023, I repeat, are not the greatest ever. They cruised through the group stage and did so well in the final that they made it through thanks to a miraculous comeback. They had the numerical advantage in the final and barely survived. “This team has a lot of heart, a lot “They are brave, but they know deep down that they are not the best.”

Ben Smith was then the target of dozens of Internet users on the social network, with several insulting messages.

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