Raphaël Haumont in Agen for the Fête de la science

Raphaël Haumont in Agen for the Fête de la science

Molecular Cuisine Explorer Along with Chef Thierry Marks, who also designed the meals for astronaut Thomas Bisquet

Agropole has prepared a delicious menu for the Fête de la science, which will take place from Thursday 7 to Saturday 9 October. We note in particular the arrival of Raphael Hamon and Gilles Bove. The first was a physico-chemist, specializing in molecular cuisine, who was discovered together with the talented media chef Thierry Marx. We also found the two men on TV on Julie Andrew’s Show.jolly notebooksBetween September 2016 and February 2018. Raphael Hamon also helped prepare meals for French astronaut Thomas Pesquet during his stay in space on the ISS.

Gilles Boeuf, biologist and professor at the Sorbonne, former head of the National Museum of Natural History, will be an almost regular at Agen’s residencies. He was in Jasmine town on Tuesday, September 21st to celebrate the anniversary of Sepanlog that he held a conference on biodiversity and he specializes in it.

Making vegan milk

The two men will be at the Agropole Coliseum on Friday, October 8, at 7 p.m., to speak during a major conference moderated by Mathieu Dal’Zovo on the evolution, origin and emergence of food. Raphaël Haumont will return in detail to his experience preparing meals for Thomas Bisquet in particular. It will also conduct live demonstrations using local produce to demonstrate that nutritional transformation is possible “without much effort”.

Earlier in the day (12-2pm or 4-6pm), at the Agrotec Building (open to the general public upon registration), he will accompany people in making homemade plant-based milk. From basic ingredients to canning through flavour, they will discover all the steps needed to develop this trendy product. After that, they will leave with their creations to taste at home or to share with loved ones.

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Registration for the workshop: https://forms.gle/2QHtJe8Y1zmLM4Vf8
Conference registration: 05 53 77 31 23 (limited places, registration opens Friday 1He is October)

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