Ranking of the most used dog names in the world.  In Italy...

Ranking of the most used dog names in the world. In Italy…

Today, October 4, world animal day, a history promoted by the World Organization for Animal Conservation, and Budget Direct, in collaboration with Neoman Studios, created a curious study to understand the names of the most commonly used dogs in different countries of the world. In Italy, for example, for males, the name they prefer is “Jack”, while for females, “Mia”. In Spain, Portugal, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Serbia, Finland and Norway, Luna beats females, plus Bella is more common in the United Kingdom, Denmark, Croatia, Lithuania, Estonia, Romania, Australia and New Zealand. Among the more curious names we find perla in Iceland, mille in Brazil, lola in Ireland and Argentina, jasmine in Russia and India and Vodka in Egypt.

male dog names

In the case of males there is greater diversity. The most used are the above In the United States, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Venezuela, Mexico, Slovakia, Croatia, the Netherlands, Portugal, e Charlie, and is most frequent in Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Denmark and Canada. The most popular in Spain is . CocoIt is also most commonly used by females in Asian countries such as Japan and Singapore.

Global podium

In order for females, color It has a score of 281 thanks to the fact that it is the most used name in 16 countries. in second place Bella and the third Lola. Names like Molly, Lucy, Kira, Daisy, Mia, Nala, and Nina complete the list. In the case of males, Max, Charlie E. Buddy Complete the platform. Beyond that, Rocky, Jack, Milo, Toby, Leo, Bruno and Rex.

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