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Missed the stages of the World Radiocommunication Conference since 2019 Hayden Paddon Could be back as early as next year. In fact, the New Zealander could compete in WRC-2 next season.

Hayden Badon driving Hyundai Motorsport at WRC-2?

The former Hyundai World Rally Championship driver said Dirtfish He could have seen him again in the World Rally Championship from next season. But this time it will be in the framework of WRC-2. Like Andreas Mikkelsen or Mads Ostberg, Paddon will take advantage of “Division 2” to race in the world.

Hayden says: “WRC-2 is the most realistic option. Of course, I want to be in Rally1, but I know I have to go back to Worlds beforehand and that is why we are working on some things for next year at WRC-2.”

The Hyundai driver adds: “We don’t have a timetable yet, but if you look at the lower divisions, you’ll see that a lot of drivers start their campaign late in the season. It gives you more time to secure funding. That’s what we’re doing now. We’re working with Hyundai New Zealand, and we’ve got Always a very good relationship with them, they have supported us through thick and thin.”

Hyundai Motorsport doesn’t have any more drivers for the WRC-2, so Hayden Paddon seems to be the “right plan” for the Korean team. The New Zealander also explains that he missed a four-season mini-program last year, which was blamed on the COVID-19 pandemic: “Four times! I had the opportunity four times to do something, but these were unique opportunities and COVID prevented me from doing it.”

Finally, Hayden Paddon is already working on “one shot” at Rally New Zealand, which will make her big comeback in the World Rally Championship, behind the wheel of Rally 1: “Being in Rally1 for Rally New Zealand would be a dream. I know the stages like the back of my hand and I think I can get a good result. I still think we are in very good shape and I know I am driving well.”

Will we see Paddon in the World Rally Championship again next season? The answer is in the coming months!

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