Rached Ghannouchi is flat but really flat

Rached Ghannouchi is flat but really flat

The photo was taken on the afternoon of Wednesday, August 4, 2021, during the establishment of the Shura Council of the Islamic Ennahda Party.

See Rashid Ghannouchi’s apartment. Well flat. The first time he was seen in this country since his return to Tunisia in 2021.

Never fully recovered from his illness, frozen from his parliament, brought down by its rules, hated by the majority of Tunisians, the 80-year-old Islamist no longer knows which way to go. He has seen others during his career, but this crisis is the worst of all because he has lost his most valuable asset, his credit with his family.

In the Shura Council, we want his head, and the militants no longer obey him, and the sympathizers no longer believe him.

This is the result of ten years in power who have lied to people who use religion, say one thing and do its opposite, and do business and think about their short-term interests.

Tonight, in the Shura Council, he surprises everyone by denying his words, thus refusing to describe the July 25 decisions as a coup, as he has said for the past ten days. Another tactic by which the Islamist believes he can save his head again.

But that’s the end…Islamism in Tunisia is definitely a turning page.


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