Race favorites by race (men).  Italy fights in pursuit of the team - OA Sport

Race favorites by race (men). Italy fights in pursuit of the team – OA Sport

Not just the way. It will also be a great cycling show for the track at the Tokyo Olympics Which will start on Friday with the opening ceremony. Let’s find out in detail, Race by race, at the men’s level, the favorites to win medals.

collective quest

Quartet, one of the most exciting and desirable tests. Italy is in a full battle for medals led by its star Filippo Gana. Azzurri is back in World Bronze and European Silver, they can definitely fight for the podium. However, there are many teams to watch: from world champions and world record holders in Denmark, through New Zealand, all the way to Great Britain and Australia.

single spray

The most expected man is the Dutchman Harry Lavrison, the top contender for the gold medal. It has lost its shine over the years, but defending champion Jason Kinney (Great Britain) will try again. Jeffrey Hoagland (Netherlands), Mateusz Roddick (Poland) and Maximilian Levy (Germany) also fight on the podium.

team spray

The Netherlands that looks unbeatable, to understand the difference you can try to approach. For the podium there are New Zealand, France, Great Britain and Russia, an open race.


Once again against everyone Harry Lavrison On the Japanese track he will look for a hat trick. The challenge was started by Yuta Wakimoto, Malaysian Aziz Al-Hasani Awang, Teutonic Maximilian Levy and Russia’s Denis Dmitriev.


A very amazing but uncertain system. The most traditional countries are Denmark, Germany, New Zealand and Great Britain. Italy can have its say with the couple formed by Elia Viviani and Simone Consone.

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Here falls Italy ace Elia Viviani, the title holder, achieved an extraordinary feat in Rio de Janeiro. There will be contenders: the gold medalist is trans-Alpine Benjamin Thomas, but also keep an eye out for Jan Willem van Schep (Netherlands), Matthew Walls (Great Britain) and Campbell Stewart (New Zealand).

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