Qatargate: Eva Kayley's mate is 'swinging' all about his wife and other MEPs

Qatargate: Eva Kayley’s mate is ‘swinging’ all about his wife and other MEPs

Francesco Giorgi, the companion of ousted European Parliament vice-president Eva Cayley, has admitted his role in a corruption scandal linked to Qatar, two people familiar with the matter told Reuters on Thursday, confirming information from the Belgian daily Le Soir. and Italian La Repubblica.

According to one source, in the acknowledgment of acceptance bribes From Doha in order to influence the decisions of the European Parliament with regard to Qatar, Francesco Giorgi brought A “significant contribution” For the investigation conducted by the Belgian judges. The same source added that the parliamentary aide, who remained in detention while the investigations continued, sought to clear Eva Kylie of any embezzlement. Francesco Giorgi’s lawyer was not immediately available for comment. Qatar and Eva Kylie deny any wrongdoing.

Qatar told Reuters on Thursday, through a representative, that it refused “categorically any attempt to accuse him of misconduct.”described as “Incorrect” and fruit ‘Serious misinformation’.

Panic in the European Parliament

A source familiar with the investigation said that Francesco Giorgi said in his confession that he suspected MP Marc Tarabella of receiving money from Qatar. Marc Tarabella, who had earlier confirmed that a search of his home had taken place on Saturday as part of the investigation by the Belgian justice, denied any wrongdoing. His lawyer could not be reached for comment.

Francesco Giorgi also incriminated Andrea Cozzolino, an Italian MEP for whom he worked, accusing him of receiving illegal sums of money from Doha. Reuters was unable to determine whether Francesco Giorgi supported his accusations with evidence. Andrea Cozzolino, who did not respond to an emailed request for comment from Reuters, told Italian news agencies that he is not under investigation. “I was not questioned. There was no research.”He said.

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The European Parliament announced during the day that it had suspended all legislative work related to Qatar, saying “aghast” On suspicion of corruption burdens the emirate and several members of the institution.

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