Qantas will fly to New Zealand with its Boeing 787-9

Qantas will fly to New Zealand with its Boeing 787-9

Yesterday we reported A new travel bubble between Australia and New Zealand. Qantas, the main Australian airline, has announced that it plans to use its Boeing 787-9 to cover the roads leading to Oakland from Sydney and Melbourne.

The wide-body jets that Qantas own often fly from Australia to South Africa or the United States to name a few. These aircraft are Airbus A330, A380 (Intraday almost completely on the ground) Or the Boeing 787. However, the A330 is currently in operation to fly to New Zealand, rather than the other single aisle models. Remember, Boeing 747s have been removed from its fleet.

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The 12 Airbus A380s Qantas has in its fleet will remain on the ground until at least 2023.

The commitment to the Boeing 787-9 for New Zealand is linked to seat capacity in the Executive Classes, as these aircraft are configured with 42 Business and 28 Premium Economy seats. An additional fact that favors choosing a Dreamliner for this route is the fact that there is a larger volume in the warehouse and thus the ability to transport more goods between the two countries.

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