Putin says any foreign “interference” will be “severely” suppressed.

Putin says any foreign “interference” will be “severely” suppressed.

Russian President Vladimir Putin. pool/Reuters

Vladimir Putin on Friday warned against anything “confusion” Foreigner during the campaign for the presidential elections of March 2024 in Russia, which will be held against the backdrop of the conflict in Ukraine and the suppression of all opposition. “Any interference in Russia’s internal affairs will be severely punished under Russian laws.”The president’s candidate for re-election was announced during a televised meeting with party leaders present in the Duma, the lower house of parliament.

“The right to choose your future”

“We defend the freedom, sovereignty and right of our people to choose their future. The people of Russia and its people alone are the only source of strength of our country.He confirmed. Vladimir Putin thanked the party members present in the participating parliament “For special military operation” in Ukraine, “Fight together for Russia” And those who help service members and their families.

The Russian leader also confirmed this “Recently, the number of Ukrainian soldiers taking themselves prisoner has increased sharply.” After a 2022 marked by setbacks on the Ukrainian front and a barrage of Western sanctions, Vladimir Putin at the end of 2023 appears in a better position with the failure of the counteroffensive launched by Ukraine this summer, the collapse of European support and the weakening of European support. American in Kyiv and the recovery of the national economy.

Last week, he announced his candidacy for a fifth term in the presidential elections scheduled for March 17, and his re-election left no room for doubt after nearly a quarter of a century in power and the suppression of the opposition. Almost all major opponents, such as anti-corruption activist Alexei Navalny, have been thrown in prison or pushed into exile.

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