Pune: Author Mag. In dedication to Espace Culturel Leclerc on July 4th

Magali Dubreuil Bourguet is the author of eight novels that she will present during this signing session. His texts are particularly inspired by his travels and experiences abroad.

Magali Dubreuil Bourguet (Mag.B.) is the author of eight inspiring novels, self-published in nearly three years. Most of it has been translated into several languages, including his bestselling book Because To Die You Have To Be Alive, which has already sold a few thousand copies and is back in its fourth edition.

Self-taught at heart, Mag. She worked in various professions prior to the author’s career, from a trilingual administrative and commercial assistant to a store owner, including office automation, real estate, garments, and aviation. His travels and experiences abroad make up most of his novels. In fact, the author lived in the United States, Spain, and Quebec and traveled through Europe, the United States, and New Zealand to settle in Tarn and Garonne. Today, she continues to travel to promote her novels across France on her motorhome that references the legendary car of her first novel, Miss Rainbow.

His books tell us about ourselves and life. They make us travel outward and inward, through completely different subjects but always on a common vehicle which is flexibility and often under an artistic gaze, an invitation to dance, music, photography, painting, cooking…

This time you’ll be leaving for eastern and northern France, and will be signing up at the Espace Culturel Leclerc in Bonn on July 4th from 10am to 6pm. She will present all of her novels, from the bestselling “Because You Have to Die” to the latest “Se Re-Co-Naître” published in April 2022.

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