Punch operation in Flairs to denounce New Zealand lamb prices

Punch operation in Flairs to denounce New Zealand lamb prices

toPunch at Flairs (ORN), Thursday 28 March. About thirty activists from the Peasants' Union blocked access to Intermarche and Leclerc supermarkets in the area. Once there, they checked the origin and prices of the lamb from New Zealand on the shelves, according to the British Daily Mail. Western France. Prices prompted farmers to jump.

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The decision was then made to remove the lamb legs from New Zealand from the shelves. “It's a frozen leg of lamb from New Zealand, and it sells for 7.55 euros a kilo!” “Three times cheaper than local lamb,” says Florian Di Jaciello, a local farmer. He compares the prices he charges himself: “Half lamb, collar and breast, 17 euros a kilo.”

The union denounces the “absurdity” of “importing sheep from the other side of the planet that can be produced locally.” The Farmers' Union also takes a dim view of two new agreements ratified by the European Union: the agreement with New Zealand – signed in November 2023 – which stipulates the import of 38,000 tons of sheep meat without customs duties (according to the Union) and the second agreement. The European Parliament voted on February 29 to increase Chile's import quota by 4,000 tonnes, while lowering customs duties again.

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The union plans to carry out new work on Saturday in Obe.

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