Public space soon under video protection

Public space soon under video protection

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Then Bernard Powerpoint recalled that during the meeting of August 29, 2022, he informed the board of directors of a project for a video surveillance system, and that on January 23, a meeting was held in the town hall with police safety monitors. station. These specialists and the rapporteur of the county video protection committee presented the regulations, technology and strategy related to this equipment, the installation of which is eligible for a subsidy deposited with the county services.

After listening to and deliberating on the mayor’s proposal, the elected officials decided to apply to the Ministerial Fund for the Prevention of Deviation of the Project to install cameras on the public road. It will be installed in order to secure the public space centered on the school, town hall, multi-activity room, car parking and sports plain courts.

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The City Council has approved Cara’s 2021 Activity Report, which has been made available to elected officials and available for consultation at the town hall reception. It also ratified the terms of the municipal solidarity agreement relating to after-school care provided by the municipality. During the various questions, there was a discussion about the possibility of creating an emblem for the municipality and the elected officials gave their consent to the passage of the assembly of dunes and mares over the territory.

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