Public space project at Ille-sur-Têt station

Public space project at Ille-sur-Têt station

Until the early 1970s, the terminal area experienced intense economic activity, and today only the Xambili establishments and passenger traffic on the Perpignan-Villefranche line remain.

The Avenue de Bosch has been rehabilitated and offers a safe and rustic stroll through the city center towards the station. The car park, originally a cargo terminal, offers many options with its functions: parking, a multimedia platform, ceremonies and the Fenouillèdes rally. But the spaces in front of the station and Danton Street are in disrepair and have paint in disrepair. They are the property of SNCF. The city council recently considered this situation. The municipality is in negotiations with the SNCF to restore the euro in the municipality’s public domain.

A breath

In addition, an application for a grant has been submitted to create a public space around the station and a multimedia platform for the board of directors. The city council approved the action at € 166,350 excluding taxes and approved the financing plan. Occitanie Region: 15%: € 24,952. Department Council: 50%: 83,175%. Self-financing: 35%: € 58,223. The same for the neighborhood.

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