Public Public Days at Espace Mayenne

Public Public Days at Espace Mayenne

The Laval Virtual Festival is the general component of the Laval Virtual Salon, which will take place from 3 to 11 July. I will meet you on July 10-11 in a new emblematic place of the circuit: Espace Mayenne for a large number of activities. After the professional days that will take place from July 7 to 9, the show has been turned over to the general public, and in the heart of the Espace Mayenne you will be able to find many activities: first of all students present projects every year for the student competition that brings together the international schools that competed in Realization of virtual reality projects. This is the opportunity to discover loyal exhibitors on professional days who offer concrete applications for the use of new technologies in the professional environment: an opportunity to show you how virtual reality can interfere with your trading and make you want it thanks to a virtual Laval for taking the plunge … You will discover Sparking, Hado Lavallois Club New, this augmented reality sport is straight from Japan and you will be able to start training, but also projects the “research” section of the show, always the avant-garde and outlandish ideas that usually come to us from Japan before entering our daily lives years later. Virtual reality is a booming sector that is being recruited, you will discover courses with many schools that have provided training adapted to the new immersive digital world, you will also discover Mayenne initiative Morétaine which has created a plush game connected to augmented reality: a lot of great things to discover on the topic of parenting and technologies Immersive … It’s all free but you need to sign up A little passion The Beautiful Sun also announces the last column connected to the previous season New schedule for summer programs I’ll meet you at the start of the school year with Sustainable Mobility Week where I’m going to talk to you for Territoire d’ Energie Mayenne about an event that will be held on this topic on September 21 at After that the Laval Virtual Center meets in the Laval Virtual Show from July 3 to 11 and of course in France Bleu Mayenne!!!!

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