Public Alert: Xbox are teasing the following myth live on their Twitter account –

Public Alert: Xbox are teasing the following myth live on their Twitter account –

Early in the morning we saw the mysterious video posted on the Xbox Twitter account announcing the Xbox Game Show, but some clues make us think they want to tell us more.

Mysterious video posted by Xbox

on social networks, Xbox just released a short video Where we can see the Community Administrator following the sequins to his workstation where the Xbox Games Showcase logo appears. From far away, we can hear Fable’s music, suggesting that We could have news very soon about this new opus wait a lot.

Expected return since 2020

The Fable license returned in July 2020 with a nice trailer revealed at a previous Microsoft event. Since then, the title has been reticent, save for rumors of a complex development. Developed by Playground Games, the popular studio of Forza Horizon, this new installment in the role-playing franchise promises to delight longtime fans and newcomers alike.

Expectations about this new opus

  • open world: We hope to find a wide and varied world to explore, in line with the previous parts of the series.
  • Consequential options: Known for providing players with real-world choices that affect the story and the world around them, Fable is an eagerly awaited feature in this new version.
  • Developable game: It will be interesting to see how Playground Games plans to use its driving expertise to introduce new and innovative role-playing game mechanics.
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Other games expected at the Xbox Game Show

In addition to superstitions, Many other highly anticipated titles are set to be showcased at the upcoming Xbox Game Show, including Starfield and Forza Motorsports, which have already been confirmed by Microsoft. We can also expect to hear news from other games like Avowed, Elder Scrolls VI, Hellblade 2, Perfect Dark or Indiana Jones.

Some studios are present at the event

  • ID Program: The creators of Doom and Wolfenstein can unveil their next project, whether it’s a new sequel to one of their main series or a new license.
  • Double Fine: The studio behind Psychonauts and Brutal Legend is highly anticipated, with fans curious to see what they’re up to next.
  • Playground Games: In addition to Fable, we can expect announcements related to the Forza Horizon series, which has made the British studio quite famous.

An opportunity to stand out Xbox

After the PlayStation conference was considered average by some, Xbox has the opportunity to hit hard with its Xbox gaming offering Thus showing what many studios have been preparing for years. By revealing highly anticipated titles such as Fable or Starfield, the brand can make an impression and convince many gamers to join the Xbox ecosystem.

See you at the Xbox Game Show

To discover all these ads and many more, Don’t miss the upcoming Xbox Games Showcase, which promises to be an unmissable event for all gaming enthusiasts. Stay tuned for the exact date of this much awaited show!

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