PS5 Purchase: Where Is PlayStation 5 Currently Available?

PS5 Purchase: Where Is PlayStation 5 Currently Available?

PS5: These retailers are already selling PlayStation 5

February 13th update: In fact, the PlayStation 5 was supposed to be sold in nearly all major retailers last week. But delivery difficulties due to the start of winter across Germany thwarted the plans. So it looks likely to start next week Saturn, and Media-Markt & Co. The new PS5 Finally release for sale. Problem: There should be no advance notice of the sale. Because of the weather-related delays in delivering the goods, it remains unclear when it can actually start.

We will keep you updated and still recommend you monitor & Co. stocks. Official pre-sales can begin at any time, such as Thursday at

Update AM 12.02In addition to Media Markt Austria, it also has Swiss retailers It started selling the PS5 yesterday and has already sold its limited units.

YoPat Am 11.02.2019.: How ““I mentioned, German retailers will not send any advance notice of the PlayStation 5 sale due to concern about the massive crowd. After was the first retailer to sell its consoles, it can be assumed that Amazon, Saturn, Media Markt & PlayStation could launch 5 on sale at any time.

Update AM 10.02.: As expected, this week 4. The selling wave Dependent PlayStation 5 Come on. Swiss merchant startsgames World“This morning. For a while, both PS5 Standard and PS5 Digital releases were limited to one console per person. The consoles are now sold out. Gamestop Will be Some PS5s are on sale today between 4 PM and 5 PM. Big retailers like Amazon, Saturn & Co. To follow tomorrow.

Update 05.02 AM: Shortly before the weekend, it became increasingly clear that a bigger PS5 sale was likely to happen in the middle / end of next week: New PlayStation 5 consoles are currently on their way to dealers or even arrived. Currently it remains unclear which dealers will participate in the fourth wave of sales and how many consoles will actually be sold. By the start of next week at the latest, there should be concrete information about when the PS5 will be sold.

Update AM 03.02.: Even before the supposed fourth wave of PlayStation 5 sales, some retailers had been selling single consoles since yesterday. So it was possible to order a PlayStation on over the phone this morning. Media Markt is also said to have allowed some orders for the PS5 again after the massive delivery of pre-order units. It was just yesterday A surprisingly small batch of PlayStation 5 consoles went on sale.

Updated 02.02.2019 AM: Once again, provides brand new information on the upcoming PS5 sale, which will definitely start soon: not this week, but maybe next week. Dealers want to officially report the predetermined date so that there is no dissatisfaction among PS5 buyers, unlike early waves.

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Update AM 01.02.: How ““You mentioned, at the end of last week, more pre-orders for Saturn have been fitted with new PlayStation 5 consoles. But there’s finally good news for everyone, too: The next PlayStation 5 should go on sale in mid-February. Official appointment Which should be delivered soon.

Update AM 28.01.2019: Unfortunately, there is now devastating news for all PlayStation 5 buyers: As “” confirms, according to information from several large and medium-sized retailers, there should be no sales on PS5 in Germany for the next two weeks. Before that, for a long time it looked as if the fourth wave of sales for PlayStation 5 could appear at the end of January. Euronex had already announced yesterday that availability of the next major product will not be expected until February or March. However, it can’t be ruled out that dealers will add individual PS5 consoles to their range in such a short time.

Update AM 26.01.2019After the relatively large sales campaign in Great Britain, the question remains when we can expect the fourth wave of sales from PlayStation 5 in Germany as well. While Saturn and MediaMarkt are still pre-orders currently, it appears that at least a small inventory of PS5 consoles may go on sale this week.

According to, the prognosis is somewhat disappointing: After the potential sale this week, the next PlayStation 5 sale phase will likely not begin again until the end of February 2021.

Update AM 25. Janwar: PlayStation 5 is available for pre-order starting today on Amazon USA and Amazon UK. Of course, it’s not clear if will add the PS5 to its range again in the coming hours. We strongly advise you to check out our current sales page, which you can find here:

We’ll let you know as soon as we get information on whether will resell the PS5 today.

Update am 23. JanuarA: All PS5 buyers in German-speaking countries may have to wait longer to get a big, new PlayStation 5 sale: At the moment, there shouldn’t be clear indications of a renewed PS5 console on a larger scale anytime soon. First of all, some of the pending pre-orders will be delivered next week.

Update AM 21. Januar: For all PlayStation 5 fans, there is good and bad news to report shortly before the weekend: Although retailers are now expecting a new delivery of PS5 consoles by the end of the week, unlike the USA and Great Britain, these should basically be sent To go customers, who are still waiting for their PlayStation 5 from a previous sale slot, according to “” reports. Whether we will be with at least one next week The fourth small wave of PlayStation 5 sales Reliable, it remains to be seen.

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Update AM 20. Janwar: Although tension is slowly mounting up over whether the PlayStation 5 will go on sale again in the next few days, most retailers and experts at least assume there will be at least brief information about when the console will actually be available for sale. The “flash sale”, as in the first waves of pre-sales for the PlayStation 5, should not be a trend.

Update am 18. JanwarAccording to information received from:Gameswirtschaft.deWhich denotes individual merchants, currently assumed That fourth wave of PlayStation 5 sales will only happen in the fourth week of January 25. The number of PlayStation 5 consoles actually being sold through major online retailers is still unclear at the moment, as some pre-orders are still waiting for their consoles and preferential delivery is being made. Traders are currently skeptical that the fourth wave will be somewhat “smaller”, and the situation around the PS5 consoles will likely remain tense.

However, it is definitely clear that we are likely to change based on current expectations From January 25 running The fourth wave of sales We can look forward to it. This also supports the fact that has now reported defective or missing PlayStation 5 consoles that they can now order a replacement. It is expected to be shipped from January 23rd. This is a strong indication that Amazon expects a bigger delivery of the PlayStation 5 next week.

However, the information is currently very vague and can of course change. The fourth wave of PS5 consoles is expected to rise next Handover took place end January / early February.

It’s always best to take a look at the inventory of individual retailers like

PS5: Reasons for the long wait for the fourth wave of sales

But why is Sony PlayStation’s information policy so bad? Why is there so little specific information about the fourth wave of PlayStation 5 sales?

This is also due to the fact that logistics services have become more and more complex in times of Corona, especially after the outbreak of a potential Covid 19 outbreak, which is currently isolating the UK from the rest of the European Union. The main repository of Sony Playstation is located in Europe in the United Kingdom.

It will also be difficult for those who have it PS5 Preferred to be already January 2021 They want to hold their own hands: From our perspective, the chances are rather slim – unless you pay the sometimes horrific prices on eBay & Co.

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Some also shamelessly take advantage of the difficult situation of all PS5 buyers: German customers have fallen in love with fake stores that are supposed to display the PS5 ready for delivery on the spot.

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Original message

It’s probably a curse and a blessing at the same time: On the one hand, Sony celebrates with The launch of the PS5 On November 19 The biggest console launch ever. At the same time, many potential PS buyers are really frustrated on the inside: because they are Pre-sales stages Nothing has been smooth yet and demand for PlayStation 5 is much higher than the number of consoles Sony was able to offer up to launch.

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But this is also known to those responsible for Sony CEO Jim Ryan, who have already announced more pre-sales. Read when we and major retailers are anticipating a fourth wave of sales!

PlayStation 5: “More PS5 shares before year end”

On the official Twitter account, Sony Playstation thanked you for the great PS5 launch and at the same time announced an improvement in the current delivery situation: “Due to the massive demand, we confirm that more PS5 shares will reach the retailers before the end of the year. Please contact the local retailers.” This sounds very positive and optimistic at first, but therein lies the real problem.

Several consoles that were ordered from Saturn and MediaMarkt in the third wave of pre-sales on November 19, for example, are currently in the pipeline. The last small pre-sale phase took place at the beginning of December Instead and there is currently no official information on whether the official console pre-show will start again this year.

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