PS5 is available at GameStop today: October 26, 2021 -

PS5 is available at GameStop today: October 26, 2021 –

Jim Stop She indicated through her official website that PS5 Now available for purchase. Today, October 26, 2021You can buy the next generation console from Sony. PlayStation 5 is available in limited numbers: it is recommended to purchase it immediately if you have availability.

Update: PS5 bundle sold out for today! Follow the original news.

you can buy PS5 at GameStop at this address. Specifically, this bundle provides a PS5 Digital, an accessory (Black DualSense controller or HD Camera), a one-year subscription (PS Plus or PS Now), an unofficial headset and controller skin. You can’t just buy the console.


remember it PS5 It is the gaming machine released by Sony Interactive Entertainment last year. The console offers several technical improvements over the previous model, starting with an SSD that promises much shorter load times. This means that less time is required to start up the console or get into games. Among the novelties, there is a new controller, DualSense, which offers unique features. For example, you can feel a unique vibration thanks to haptic feedback, as well as adaptive stimuli that react to pressure differently depending on what is happening on the screen.

Sony made two PS5 models available: digital and standard. The latter installs an optical reader, that is, it also allows you to use disc games, both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. The digital number instead requires the purchase of games on the PS Store in digital format. The console can be positioned vertically or horizontally using a bracket built into the unit.

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Tell us today October 26, 2021Did you buy the PS5?

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