PS Plus: March 2021 Free Games - Mega Blockbusters and more for free on PS5 and PS4

PS Plus: March 2021 Free Games – Mega Blockbusters and more for free on PS5 and PS4

The PS Plus show of March 2021 is finally well known. Sony recently revealed their upcoming free games for PS5 and PS4 – some of them are real blasts.

Tokyo, Japan – The secret of the March 2021 free PS Plus games has been finally revealed. Sony Upcoming free games revealed a two-day delay (deliberate). The group might still want to wait for the state of play, as new games have been announced for 2021. At least that’s what you think if you look at the free games list. One thing can actually reveal one thing: Sony offers PS Plus subscribers Real cracking For PS4 and PS5.

Name of the service PS Plus (PlayStation Plus)
Monthly fee 899 euros
Providers Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE)
keyboard PS4 (PlayStation 4), PS5 (PlayStation 5)
Benefits 2 months. Free Games, Access to Online Multiplayer PS4 / 5 Game, Exclusive PlayStation Store Discounts, 100GB Online Storage
Active Memberships 45 million users

PS Plus: March 2021 Free Games – Sony Puzzles PS5 subscribers

For PS Plus subscribers, Sony again offers a variety of free games. Since the release of the PS5, there has always been a monthly release Next-generation free console game. After subscribers have had to wait longer than usual to announce PS Plus games, some should be happy with the colorful selection of March 2021 free games. But the wait time is much shorter this time. Subscribers only have to wait until March 2, when free games are available for download.

Around Twitter The group has now announced upcoming free games, including one PS5 and three PS4 games. The new PS Plus premiere in March 2021 ranges from sci-fi survival, nostalgic RPG and PS VR gameplay to a bewildering world of mysteries:

  • Final Fantasy 7 remake
    Genre: Action RPG
    Version: 2020
    Platform: PS4
    Entweaker: Square Enix
    Availability: March 2, 2021 to April 5, 2021
    Price: 37.90 €
  • The rest: from the ashes
    Genre: Action-Rollenspiel, third person shooter
    Version: 2019
    Platform: PS4
    Entwickler: Gunfire
    Availability: March 2, 2021 to April 5, 2021
    Price: 26.90 euros
  • Form
    Genre: Puzzle-, Indie-, Adventure-Spiel
    Version: 2021
    Platform: PS5
    Entwickler: Agile caries
    Availability: March 2, 2021 to April 5, 2021
    price: –
  • Farpoint
    Genre: First-Person-Shooter, Adventure-Spiel
    Version: 2017
    Platform: PS VR
    Developer: Impulse Gear
    Availability: March 2, 2021 to April 5, 2021
    Price: 29.99 euros
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Form It is the free March PS Plus title for the PS5. This indie puzzle game will be freely available to PS Plus subscribers upon release. With this, the CEO of Sony puts his plans into action. It was announced that, in the future, Sony would also publish free-to-play games for the PS Plus directly on the release platform. Maquette is a first-person puzzle game. The player has to solve various puzzles and sometimes manipulate landscapes. If you get stuck with a puzzle, the PS5’s Help function provides tips for solving it.

PS Plus: March 2021 Free Games – Sony immerses PS4 and PS5 gamers in the realms of science fiction

this is Final Fantasy 7 remake Part of the PS Plus offering as of March 2021 wasn’t entirely unexpected. In fact, previous speculation about free PS Plus games for March 2021 had suggested big plans from Sony regarding the offer. Presumably, this is due to the late announcement of PS Plus games and recent gameplay status. At the event, Sony announced the PS5 edition of Final Fantasy 7 in a trailer.

Regarding the availability of the PS5 version to PS Plus subscribers, the group is doing work PlayStation Blog One thing is clear: “Please note that the PS4 version of Final Fantasy VII Remake available to PlayStation Plus members is not eligible for the PS5 digital upgrade.” This means that PS Plus subscribers will not be able to enjoy the PS5 version of the remake without a copy of the Final Fantasy 7 edition.

PS Plus: March 2021 Free Games – These are Sony nuts for free on PS5 and PS4

© Sony / Square Enix (Montage)

Der Third-Person-Shooter The rest: from the ashes It is a science fiction game in which the player must be one of the last humans to take back the world from brutal invaders. The player has to search for supplies here and modify his equipment in order to increase his chances of survival. As if all of this wasn’t stressful enough, the whole thing takes as much soul as Demon Souls, just like a shooter.

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The PS VR shooter promises to be out of the ground likewise Farpoint To become. There the player must fight for his survival while he has to work his way through a hostile alien world. The game originally appeared for the PlayStation VR console, but according to Sony, it is fully DualShock compatible. The player can either play with a friend in online co-op mode or alone.

As if this list wasn’t large enough, Destruction AllStars will still be available for PS5 through April 5th at no extra cost!

Playstation / Sony

That was not all. Sony has a very special surprise for PS Plus subscribers. instead of Destroy all stars After being excluded from the library at the start of the new month of PS Plus, the action game will still be on sale to subscribers until April 5th. So you still have a few weeks left to add this new PS5 game to your game library. You also have a chance to download free PS Plus games from February 2021 through March 2. After that, they will no longer be freely available on PS Plus.

Rubriklistenbild: © Sony / Square Enix (Montage)

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