Protests against banned health measures in Nova Scotia |  COVID-19 in the Atlantic Ocean

Protests against banned health measures in Nova Scotia | COVID-19 in the Atlantic Ocean

A demonstration was planned this weekend by a group of people who disagree with wearing masks and respecting the restrictions, He explained Ian RankinPrime Minister of Nova Scotia, at the start of the press conference on the epidemic on Friday afternoon.

Our government requested and obtained an injunction today, preventing this group and any other group from organizing […] Or participate in a rally against the protocols [de santé publique], She followed Ian Rankin.

The injunction bans any gathering that would violate public health guidelines and prevents the organizers of these protests from continuing to promote them on social networks, according to the provincial government.

Big outbreak

The Greater Halifax area and surrounding communities have undergone public health measures since April 23 – The measures that were extended to other parts of the governorate in the days that followed – after the sudden rise in cases of Covid-19 virus in the province.

Nova Scotia reported 227 new cases of coronavirus daily on May 7. As of Friday, 117 new cases of COVID-19 have been reported and 95 hospital admissions related to the virus.

The number of active cases this week has decreased from 1,655 on Monday to 1,537 on Friday, but that number is still higher than at any time since the start of this pandemic.

Against science

first Minister Ian Rankin He said we are watching Activity on social networks And that individuals are there Encouraging people to intentionally violate public health protocols to keep people safe.

They don’t believe in science, in masks, in vaccines. They are nothing more than an “alternative right” group that wants to protest against science.

Quote from:Ian Rankin, Prime Minister of Nova Scotia

The prime minister said I personally support freedom of expression RankinBut I will not allow a few people to derail our efforts to defeat this third wave. People have a right to share their opinions, but when the boycott is closed in the middle of the third wave, it is up to each of us to protect each other and follow healthy protocols.

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Not the first appearance

On May 2, a small group of individuals gathered on Halifax Citadel Hill to demonstrate against the restrictions and public health measures. They baptized collect them Freedom pool, Or Rally for freedom.

The police were present but did not intervene, which raised questions among the residents.

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Protesters against the sanitation measures gathered near Halifax Castle on May 2, 2021.

Photo: Facebook

The next day, Halifax Regional Police responded to these concerns and said they wanted to prevent situations from escalating during their interventions.

Our agents worked with the organizers in the days leading up to the protest. This anticipatory action made it possible to prevent a march to another destination, which was originally plannedThe police said in a statement on May 3.

Halifax regional police officers were present throughout the event, using their best to contain the event and avoiding a greater public safety challenge. Beyond that, we cannot reveal details of our specific tactics or actions we have taken.Cop Books John Macleod, Spokesperson for the police force.

Giving more powers to the police

Under restrictions imposed since the end of April, People in Nova Scotia can meet indoors or outdoors only with their family members – the people they live withAccording to the provincial health department.

So the police could have enjoyed the arrests during previous demonstrations, such as the one that happened on May 2 near the castle.

The injunction the county just obtained It gives more power to work And the More teeth To the existing authorities, the prime minister said Rankin. Police can arrest and detain people who clearly violate a court order.

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A lawyer representing the regional government defended the matter before a judge Scott NortonTo the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia, Friday.

In his decision the judge Norton He confirms that the groups of protesters targeted are: Deliberate blindness In the face of the Scientific and medical evidence On which the health protocols are based.

the doctor Robert Strand, Chief Medical Officer of Health of Nova Scotia, has been called as an expert witness in this case.

We cannot allow a small group of people to reject science and evidence. Their actions can put people in danger. We can’t allow it and I’m very satisfied with the verdictDr. said throttle, At a press conference on Friday.

The injunction will remain in effect until the regional state of emergency is lifted. The state of emergency was first declared in Nova Scotia on March 22, 2020. It is renewed every two weeks, and has been extended until May 30, 2021.

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