Promising debut of Yannick Léger at Grand Prix

Promising debut of Yannick Léger at Grand Prix

However, if the contested powerboat competitions in Cambridge were favorable to Yannick Léger, the optimum performance belonged to Andrew Tate who exercised his dominance in the controls of the ‘Steeler’ GP-777. The rider from Walled Lake (Michigan) took home the honor of the final after winning it all during the playoffs.

A 4-win performance in many starts dedicated to the late Mike Endres who left us in December 2020. “Mike is the one who built the Stiller Engine Program. The team will be dedicating this season to him. We want to win for Mike,” Andrew Tate commented during a post-final interview. .

Ken Brody II overcame known difficulties to qualify to come back strong and secure 2And Put to the ultimate test on the “Freedom” GP-50 wheel. Ken Lupton (GP-577) and Bobby Kennedy (GP-35) were forced to retire in the final while Marc LeCompte (GP-104) was unable to start. Too bad for the pilot from Salaberry-de-Valleyfield who won two qualifying victories (1A, 2B) aboard the “Miss Cléopâtre” before stopping in race 3B due to mechanical issues.

New Zealander Ken Lupton made a promising start in the brand new “Lucas Oil” GP-577 manufactured at Henderson Stores in Brookville, Ontario. While taking first place in the 3C event, the New Zealand champion had a thrilling duel with Andrew Tate at 2And The qualifying round ends near Stiller at the finish line.

His brother Jacques Lupton also made the first launches of a new car from Henderson Workshops. The New Zealander is still in the running with the ‘GP-33’ and has a 2And Position in race 3a.

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Starting the season isn’t always easy for Grand Prix teams and Brendan Kennedy couldn’t do himself justice in a “Hearn Motorsports” GP-14 just as his cousin Bobby Kennedy in a “TM Special” GP-35 seat and Tom Thompson with his “Fat Chance” GP-525.

Another new boat could be on the agenda at Régates de Beauharnois, June 4-5, while Mario Blaine and Robin Demer continue preparations on their new “Canada Boy” GP-757.

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