Professional premises: how to successfully decontaminate the air in these places?

To live in a healthy environment and maintain optimal air quality for playing IviBet in the best conditions, there is nothing better than regular air decontamination. Indeed, such a process makes it possible to sanitize any place and to destroy all the microbes and bacteria that it may contain. It therefore makes it possible not to contract a certain number of diseases and can be carried out with methods that are as innovative as they are easy to use. Focus.

What is decontamination or air pollution control?

Sanitary operation practiced on inert objects and living tissues, air decontamination aims to eliminate the harmful action of bacteria and microbes with appropriate methods. Its purpose is therefore to purify the air contained in an environment and the techniques used for this must comply with the recommendations of international organizations.

Moreover, such an operation must necessarily be carried out by experts given its importance and its specificities. This is therefore the most promising avenue for obtaining satisfactory results, and on the site, you will find professionals capable of properly decontaminating your professional premises.

In addition, note that an operation of this kind can be carried out in several ways, depending on the issues and the circumstances. It can include physical washing as well as the use of cleaning products and many other processes.

Some air decontamination solutions

As mentioned above, air pollution control operations can be carried out in several ways. For example, they can be made with ultraviolet lamps, particle filtration processes and chemicals.

Ultraviolet lamps

This is an innovative method and very popular for its ecological character. It provides a pathogen-free environment and can be used in many premises, new or old. In addition, it may not require modification of your installations, and is therefore simple to use in addition to being very effective.

On the other hand, this method can also be used for the maintenance of shopping centers, lawns and certain hotel areas. The same applies to the treatment or disposal of radioactive, household, chemical and biological waste. In these situations, it is often used before sterilization operations.

Particle filtration processes

They are among the most widely used means of decontaminating the air contained in a space and guaranteeing the well-being of the people who live there. They consist of blowing the air contained in the places to be treated and this air passes through numerous filters to be purified.

In addition, devices with high retention powers are called absolute and are often made of synthetic fiber membranes. They can capture over 99% of particles as can many viruses. Moreover, they are able to effectively eliminate small particles or prevent their introduction into many places (transplant rooms, operating rooms, etc.).

Chemical products

These are products with biocidal properties and which can be introduced into the aeration circuits or at the level of the filters. They can also be dangerous for humans and the environment and must be handled with care. However, they are very effective and can effectively eliminate many microorganisms.

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