Pro D2: Narbonne - Béziers, much more than just a regional derby

Pro D2: Narbonne – Béziers, much more than just a regional derby

Like Héraultais, Audis need points at the end of the season. This meeting begins for the 25th day, at the Sports and Friendship Park in Narbonne, which will take place on Friday, April 1, at 7:30 pm.

The final race has been launched. Racing Club Narbonnais has been in place since Monday. In his sight: Derby match against Beziers, Friday, 7:30 pm, at the Sports and Friendship Park. A new axe match will let RCN know if they can still believe in the Prefecture after Day 25.

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? 5:30 p.m. Doors open: one entrance through the front yard, rue de Groisin

? Some places are still available:

See you tomorrow to support our players!

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– Racing Club Narbonnais (RCNarbonnais) March 31, 2022

RCN: Watch out for the red zone

In fact, its direct competitors, Rouen and Borg-en-Presse, have moved on to Van (ranked 11th) and Oyonax (ranked 3rd). And in the event of Rounier and Bressan defeat, along with the victory of course over the AFC, Narbonne could return to three small points from the red zone. Something hasn’t been the case since… the twelfth day. Eternity!

Thus, the pressure will be there initially with the commitment to achieve a result and, at the same time, win the derby, four and a half years after the recent success at Béziers (19-34, in 2017).

In this Mediterranean derby, the Narbonnais staff happily welcome back opener Jason Robertson. Hand injury since February 14, the New Zealander has missed four matches (two wins and two losses). With 186 points in 17 games, “Jase” steps up again to wear the race number on Friday night. Just like the left column Jules Martinez and the right column Pascal Cotet on the front line. Second grader Dennis Visser, third grader Karl Xtens and Louis-Benoit Madol are questionable.

So many absentees

While left brace Jeffrey Moyes (shoulder), right brace Theo Castenelle (back), center Saya Feketwa (knee) and three-quarters of Kimami Sitauti (compartment syndrome) and Pierre-Justs (shoulder) are still outside, third row Paul Bilzon is suspended, and right brace Muhammed Boghanmi (concussion) and wing Savinaka tofusau (meniscus) out of season. This is a lot of absentees.

To make matters worse, last weekend the cast at Narbonne had bedridden flu players, which disrupted the week. Moreover, a member of the sports team tested positive for Covid-19 on Monday. As is often the case this season, preparations for the capital match are not done in complete calm (Covid in January, lack of pedestals at the beginning of March…).

But the Narbonnais management now knows how to adapt, as usual, and has decided to adjust its schedule for this week. The players were “out” on Tuesday and met Wednesday morning for group training. Finally, pre-match preparation, which was normally scheduled for Thursday morning, was set up late Thursday afternoon.

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– ASBH official (ASBHOfficiel) March 30, 2022

Beezers must win

On the Biterrois side, we’re expecting a particularly tough derby on Friday night. Because, besides the age-old oval rivalry between the two clubs, on one side as on the other, we have an urgent need for points.

ASBH, he must win so he can hope to keep dreaming of qualifying. In short, she smells of black powder at a duel that she vows reluctantly: “In this derby, there is no longer any idea of ​​the classification, warns Pierre Cayet, coach of Biterrois. In these meetings, no one team is superior to the other. Expect a complex match Extremely “.

For this segment, ASBH will be able to count on a growing workforce, as the dispensary emptied during the break. On the other hand, Maxime Espeut will not be centered on the flight. He has a thigh tear and will be out for two to three weeks. At the moment, he is enjoying good dynamics with two victories at home, against Van and Montauban, Bezier will be the first favourite. But it’s still a derby…

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