Prince.  Tobacco-free spaces around schools and nurseries

Prince. Tobacco-free spaces around schools and nurseries

From now on there is a tobacco-free space around the nursery, primary school, CLAE and Brin de Malice nursery school.

It is identified by a green sign on the ground and indicated by signs. This project was led by Sylvie Garcia, once elected, and adopted by the Municipal Council. The mayor of Prince, accompanied by a few deputies, had made an appointment with the young city council to express her feelings. He shared this with Virginie Gimeno, deputy director of CLAE and Rosaline Di Pietro, deputy director of the nursery: both stressed that parents waiting for children to be discharged had complied with this new regulation. The committees explain the importance of this “tobacco-free space”: reducing the initiation of smoking, eliminating exposure to secondhand smoke, especially for children, and keeping the environment from the aftermath that builds up and pollutes the water. Michelle Ricard, prevention officer for the Cancer Control League, was accompanied by Marc Benazit and Annie Sorden. They noted that the main purpose of these spaces is to “neutralize tobacco.” And so Prince joins an ongoing movement in the department. Twenty-two agreements have already been signed, and there are supposed to be forty by the end of the year. “We are primarily targeting multi-generational spaces, such as schools, but there is also a health center in Lafort, two bus shelters in Cordes, a city park, and a sports area in Sequoisster.” The list should grow over the months.

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