Prince Philip's funeral: With or without Megan and Harry?

Prince Philip’s funeral: With or without Megan and Harry?

Mourning – In the wake of the death of Prince Philip, who passed away at the age of 99, many doubts still surround the course of his funeral. Among them, whether or not his grandson, Prince Harry, and his wife Megan are at odds with the royal family.

Will the royal family be full for Prince Philip’s funeral? Since the announcement of the death of Queen Elizabeth’s husband on Friday, questions have escalated over the presence of Prince Harry, who now lives in Los Angeles with his wife Megan Markle, at his grandfather’s funeral. Prince Philip’s relationship with his eldest son Charles, Harry’s father, has often been strained. Not to mention the recent withdrawal of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex from the monarchy, and their shocking interview last March with Oprah Winfrey, which sealed the divorce at Buckingham Palace. Since Friday, several British media outlets have published their predictions about the couple’s arrival.

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The death of Prince Philip mourns the British crown

The British press is counting on Prince Harry’s arrival without his wife

according to Watchman, Which address “Prince Harry may have to undergo quarantine to attend Prince Philip’s funeral”There is no doubt that Queen Elizabeth’s grandson is coming. According to the newspaper, which cited several commentators from the royal family, he can undergo a ten-day quarantine in a hotel and two PCR tests after his arrival, or undergo a protocol that allows payment for the private Covid test in at least five days after his arrival. But “Given his status as a member of the royal family traveling to support the Queen, Harry may be exempt from traveler restrictions.”, pointing to Watchman. His pregnant wife did not make the trip from the United States. BBCAccording to the Associated Press, he also tends to be attended by Prince Harry, without commenting on his wife.

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Taboid the country, they would have obtained from various sources the confirmation of the existence of the Duke of Sussex. The Daily Mail He quotes an anonymous source close to the family confirming that Harry will ‘Definitely the limit’ To return to the UK with his relatives. According to her, the Duke “She would like nothing more than to be there for her family, especially her grandmother, during this terrible time.”. The Daily Mirror, Confirms that “Actively preparing for his return to the UK”. According to a source, Harry spoke with his two cousins ​​Beatrice and Eugenie on Friday and informed them of his intention to return to the UK. “Megan’s presence is unplanned.”Also provides a tabloid newspaper.

I think the idea of ​​not attending the funeral would be very strange.– Nick Bullen, Editor and Editor, True Royalty TV

“He was incredibly close to Prince Harry and the Duke of Edinburgh was in love with Harry. So the idea of ​​him not going to the funeral would be, I think, very strange and it would be a communications disaster. To be at his funeral.”For his part, LCI supports True Royalty TV Editor Nick Bullen.

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Harry and Meghan made a hypothetical and underestimated tribute to Prince Harry on Friday. On the website of Archewell, a charitable organization and audiovisual production that the couple founded last year, the couple chose to send a message on a dark background highlighted in white letters: In honor of His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh 1921-2021. “Thank you for your dedication … we will miss you greatly”, He also noted the apparent tribute to Prince Harry’s grandfather.

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