Prince Philip's funeral will take place on Saturday 17 April at Windsor Castle

Prince Philip’s funeral will take place on Saturday 17 April at Windsor Castle

The British royal family bids farewell to Prince Philip, husband of Queen Elizabeth II, on Saturday 17 April, on the occasion of a private funeral being held at Windsor Castle, in the presence of Prince Harry, but without his wife Megan, she said. This was announced Saturday 10 April at Buckingham Palace.

The funeral will take place at 3 pm local time (4 pm in France) at St George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle, about 40 miles west of London, where the Duke of Edinburgh, a staunch supporter of the king for seven decades, died. “safely”Friday morning, at the age of 99.

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Only thirty people will attend – apparently his four children (Charles, Anne, Andrew, and Edward) and grandchildren – according to the rules of the current health status. Prince Harry, who resides in California for a year and assesses his devastating withdrawal from the monarchy. On the other hand, his wife Megan, who is currently pregnant, will be subject to the medical opinion regarding the air travel restrictions she was given and will remain in the United States, according to a palace spokesperson.

With the purpose “Allow as many family members as possible to attend the funeral.”His services said Prime Minister Boris Johnson would not attend.

The British public will be invited to remain silent for a minute at 3 pm at the start of the concert. This event will take place just four days before the 95the The Queen’s birthday, whom Prince Philip married in 1947, has been over seventy-three years old.

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Patriotic morning

The country went into national mourning that lasts until the day after the funeral. The honor has also begun. From the Tower of London, on the banks of the Thames, from the castles of Edinburgh or Belfast, in the British enclave of Gibraltar, or on board the ships of the Royal Navy (the body in which Prince Philip served during World War II), the guns rang out at noon on Saturday. These shots, the first in a forty-one series (one per minute), honored the person who became patriarch of the British royal family after he was born a prince of Greece in Corfu.

In silence, Elizabeth II welcomed the visit of her sons, Princes Andrew and Edward, at Windsor Castle on Saturday. “The Queen was wonderful.”Sophie, Prince Edward’s wife, told reporters as she was leaving the castle by car, after she had clearly moved.

“As you can imagine, my family and I miss him a lot.”For his part, Prince Charles made a short televised statement. Praise the heir to the crown “Wonderful and dedicated service [qu’il a rendu] To the Queen [sa] Family and country Over the past seven decades. “My father was a very special person, and I think he would have been amazed at the reactions and the touching things that were said about him.”Prince added.

On Saturday, the royal family’s Twitter account posted several photos of the queen with her husband, marking different historical moments in their lives. As in 1997, for 50e The wedding anniversary, when the person who called him “lilibet” confided: “He has been just my strength and support all these years.” Their children shared their memories on a pre-recorded program that was broadcast by the BBC. This is how his daughter Anne described the father that he was ” always here ” : “If you have any problems, you can always go to him, knowing that he will listen and try to help you.”

To avoid gatherings that might violate current sanitary rules, the public has been urged not to go into royal residences, but to sign an online book of condolences.

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Tireless dedication

Prince Philip was notorious for not having his tongue in his pocket, and he was sometimes noticed for his provocative remarks, sometimes tinged with racism or sexism. But the British also remember his tireless dedication to the monarchy that helped modernize and humanize it, as well as his withdrawal but impeccable, along with an absolute ruler.

Prince Philip has participated in more than 22,000 official public appearances since his wife assumed the throne in 1952. Since 2009, he has held the record for the longevity of his cousin the Prince.

Elizabeth II must now alone face the crises that shake the British royal family, such as recent criticisms directed at her grandson Harry and Meghan Markle for “the company”, the nickname given to the monarchy by the latter, who accuse him of racism and impoverishment. From support to the master.I Markle. In early March, the latter had also confessed, in a shocking interview by American superstar Oprah Winfrey, that he had suicidal thoughts. The couple had mentioned the racism of a member of the royal family in particular, who would have wondered about the skin color of their unborn child, explaining to the camera that it was neither the Queen nor her husband.

Harry, 36, thinks ‘Really frustrating’ Due to a lack of support from his father Prince Charles who stopped answering the phone for a while. He also revealed that he had turned away from his brother William, who on his part confirmed that the royal family was not “It is not racist at all”.

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