Prince Harry in pictures - Hongis in series in New Zealand for Harry

Prince Harry in pictures – Hongis in series in New Zealand for Harry

That’s it, for Prince Harry, it’s skittles. Military life for him is over. But as expected, he did not leave Australia, where he ended his working life in the British Army, to return directly to Great Britain to meet his new niece, the adorable little Charlotte. He arrived in neighboring New Zealand for a six-day official visit.

The New Zealanders received Harry as they should. Arriving this Saturday, he received an immaculate Maori welcome in front of the Government House in Wellington with traditional, Hungarian, nose-to-nose and forehead dances to salute the forehead. Then the grandson of Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland visited the Bukehoe Monument. With New Zealand Prime Minister John Key and his wife Osen, he placed a fern on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier before he paid his respects. Also in the program of the thirty-year-old prince in three medals on his blue suit, who was dressed in a black tie, he inspected the guard of honor, met with schoolchildren and walked. Another meeting that should have filled Harry with joy, very involved in the rugby world, the meeting he had with the Hurricanes players. Which gave him, via their captain Conrad Smith, a shirt bearing his name in the locker room after the match between them and the South African Sharks.

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Change of sight and outfit on Sunday and Monday. Jeans were already more suitable for opening oysters, chatting with fishermen and meeting young students on Stewart Island, or walking in the pristine nature of Olfa Island.

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