Primanon.  A new organization and a new season in Polar World Space

Primanon. A new organization and a new season in Polar World Space

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a New team, eight months Opening this year compared to six last year and extension From ice rink to ice rink… 2024 confirms a new lease on lifeThe space of the polar worlds.

On the occasion of presenting 2024 season From the space of the polar worlds, Nolwyn MarchandChairman of the Municipalities Community Les Rousses Resorttook the opportunity to evaluate the management of global polar space.

The museum will be open for eight months in 2024

The first announcement will be the space of polar worlds More open In 2024 compared to 2023. With the explosion in energy prices, the community of municipal owners of the place made the decision to close the doors of the global polar space for six months in 2023.

But this year, Nolwen Marchand confirms, “the electricity bill has dropped by almost half, Sidek told us, which will allow us to open the facility for eight months in 2024. We will “only” close the facility in 2024.” May and June And in October and November. »

A richer cultural season than 2023

What do we hope for? Best year that 2023it was a complicated year, in the words of the Comcom president: “Visitors suffered, the cultural season was jeopardized by fewer conferences, the ice rink suffered, Bremanon merchants suffered, and then, of course, the team that worked on the four to run space Polar worlds while there are usually about seven or eight. »

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At the same time, Nolwyn Marchand announced the launch From the study In 2024 to install a wooden boiler room at Polar World Space to reduce structure consumption. The ambition is to further open up the space of the polar worlds, as they were “in their early days.”

An almost complete new team

Another sign that the situation is improving on Primanon's part: employment Two employees, including full-time seasonal work.

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“Even if we are not at full capacity, we have a new scientific and cultural director with great experience in this field,” admits Nolwen Marchand. Letitia Therond And we recruited someone to help at the rink. On a day-to-day basis, who manages the space of the polar worlds? Who is preparing for this cultural season? Who welcomes the audience? Well, it's that whole team. »

Team of Eight people In total, employees and seasonal workers combined.

Renewed skating rink

After the success of the first season, elected officials from the community decided to renew the season Roller track On the current ice rink.

“One solution to try Load control Skiing is offered all year round, and is a plastic track in the ice rink. “You can ice-skate at the ice rink all summer long between June and September,” says Nolwen Marchand.

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