Preview of the guest episode today, August 15, on Rai 3

Preview of the guest episode today, August 15, on Rai 3

Kilimanjaro Estate: Previews and guests for today’s episode, August 15, on Rai 3

Tonight, Sunday, August 15, 2021, “Kilimangiaro Estate” returns on Rai 3, the prime-time program conducted by Camila Raznovich, at 21.20. Also in this evening edition, the world will be told through the lens of travel, making use of the many documentaries on the set, many made by broadcast filmmakers. There will be no shortage of stories and curiosities from the world. Kilimanjaro Estate will tackle issues related to travel, science, environment, nature, art and cultures, and as usual, guests and movies will take turns on a journey to the most amazing places on the planet. Camila Raznovich, in addition to meeting her guests in the studio, will accompany them to the places of their stories. Here are the episode previews that aired on August 15, 2021 at 21.20 on Rai 3.

ancestor and guests

As usual, guests and films will take turns, on a trip to the most wonderful places on the planet, we will go to Asia to explore the methods used in the East to balance the body with the mind, in Japan, in South Africa to the Cape of Good Hope and for an unforgettable experience off the coast of New Zealand and the Cook Islands in the South Pacific . And there will be the beautiful Italian sea: the destination of the Bay of Poets in Lerici, in the province of La Spezia, where Villa Rezzoli is located, one of the most exciting places in Italy, explains Daniela Bruno, head of cultural affairs for the FAI office.

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Guests of this episode of Kilimanjaro Estate Alessandro Melis, in touch from New York, Curator of the Italian Pavilion at the Venice International Architecture Fair, and architect Francesca Perani, co-founder of Rebel-Architette, a cultural project that promotes and supports the profession of women in the world of architecture and physicist Massimo Temporelli For more than twenty years, he has been involved in the dissemination of scientific, technological and innovative culture.

Electronic TV Streaming

We’ve seen previews and guests of the Kilimanjaro Estate, but where to watch episodes of the show live on TV and in live broadcasts? As mentioned, documentaries and travels of Camila Raznovich are broadcast on Sunday prime time on Rai 3 at 9.20 pm (Digital Terrestrial Channel 3, 103 in HD). It will also be possible to follow them live through the free platform that allows you to watch various programs and movies broadcast by opinion On your computer, tablet and smartphone.

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