President Tebboune called on several Algerian companies to terminate their contracts with Moroccan companies

President Tebboune called on several Algerian companies to terminate their contracts with Moroccan companies

Algeria requires the transfer of sensitive information for the sake of the country’s security, but also for the outflow of currency that the country needs. All this against the backdrop of a strong diplomatic crisis with its neighbor.

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A big blow to anger from President Abdel-Majid Tebboune. Many Algerian companies were ordered to terminate their contracts with foreign companies, most likely ‘Undermine’ In the country and For his safety.

According to a letter written by Abdelmadjid Tebboune on April 25, 2021, but reported by the Algerian press this week, these contracts were drawn up. Available to foreign entities From “data” And the ‘Sensitive information’. These companies have ten days to comply with President Tebboune’s instructions, otherwise the prosecution of those responsible will begin ‘Concussion and collusion’.

According to private media An-Nahar, the Algerian president unleashed his anger at the explosion after learning that the phone company Djezzy (Optimum Telecom), the Algerian Company for Insurance and Reinsurance (CAAR) and the National Insurance Company (SAA) had signed contracts with companies from other countries. “hostile” To Algeria, including Morocco.

The Algerian president demanded that Djazy (51% are owned by the Algerian state), CAAR and SAA (two public insurance companies) terminate these contracts and / or stop contemplating them. And he instructed Minister Bin Abdul Rahman to prevent any transfer abroad of profits related to these contracts.

This sudden decision will follow foreign currency remittances abroad “Benefits” Qualified as “Barely average ”The country is going through an economic crisis due to falling oil and gas prices. In the face of this crisis, President Tebboune’s order will start from March 2020 Public corporations no longer turn to foreign consulting firms to save up to $ 7 billion a year.

The traditionally difficult relations between Algeria and its Moroccan neighbor, have suffered a deterioration in recent times, especially with regard to the Western Sahara issue that has plagued their relations for forty years.

In recent months, Algeria has also criticized the normalization of Moroccan relations with Israel, in exchange for an accommodating stance of the United States on Western Sahara. Algeria condemns ‘Foreign maneuvers’ Intended to destabilize. Very political decisions, a month away from early legislative elections.

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