Presidency 2022. Participate in the campaign's major debates

Presidency 2022. Participate in the campaign’s major debates

How can you not be satisfied with the speeches of candidates, experts and commentators, and I give the floor to the citizens on the occasion of this 2022 presidential campaign? In order to better describe this crucial period for the future of our country, we wondered how best to engage our readers and their concerns in the discussions that would spark France in the coming months.

Over the coming weeks, we will open new spaces in your newspaper, on our websites and apps, in order to report on events that mark the march towards the April 10 and 24, 2022 elections.

Of course, every day, our journalists are already describing and deciphering the news and challenges posed by this campaign-intensive election, with a scenario far from written in advance.

Our role as local media also means reviving democracy, and giving citizens a voice. That is why we open this space for discussion, which is elaborated on two levels.

First of all, our main witnesses. With the Odoxa Institute, approved by the polling committee, we have built a recruitment drive in 23 divisions covered by 9 regional dailies of the EBRA Press Group (1), a panel of 172 readers. Of all ages and of all professions, these men and women, nominated to take part in the process, represent the 13 million inhabitants of this France that stretches from Avignon to Thionville. They expressed their desire to move beyond the controversies and vicissitudes of the campaign to address the fundamental issues, those that affect the daily lives of each and the collective future of the country on a planet threatened by global warming.

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Energy prices, purchasing power, food, clean transportation, working time, aging, retirement age, global warming… Each week it will spark a question and discussion on a topic as well as an editorial profile published on websites and in newspapers. These great witnesses will compare their views on the major themes that fuel the candidates’ programmes. And their exchange, on our platform, can be enriched by the contributions of all our readers.

Because it is our greatest wish that you take this opportunity, along with the great witnesses, to express your opinions, to question us and to discuss in a polite and constructive spirit on the topics that will be presented to you each week. This space is yours, too. Go to the debate space for the presidential election on your newspaper’s website.

1. The Ebra Group brings together nine regional press titles including your newspaper, distributed in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Bourgogne-Franch-Comté and Grand Est regions.

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