Presidency 2022: 66.26% turnout at polling stations in Place de Voiriel in Mendi

Presidency 2022: 66.26% turnout at polling stations in Place de Voiriel in Mendi

In the event arena, Place de Voiriel, in Mende, a few voters made the trip to the second round of the presidential election. The engagement rate is also higher than Lozère’s 64.87% at 5pm.

Two polling stations have been set up at the Place des Events, Place de Voyrail, in Mende. If one of them, Office No. 7, can get more or less equivalent results in the first round, it should be even more difficult for Office No. 6. “Since this morning, we’ve had a lot of people, explains François Robin, Head of Office No. 7. Of the 1,299 electors who should come to our office, 900 have already voted at 6 pm with 937 electors.”

On the part of Elisabeth Minette-Trenniol, this is more pessimistic and also confirms the words of François Robin: “We had a lot of people from 8 in the morning until 10 in the morning, and also at the beginning of the afternoon, from 2 in the afternoon.” However, it may not That would be enough for us. Of the 1,185 voters in his office, only 746 made the trip at 6 pm.” In the first round, we finished the day with 815 voters. It should be fair.”

“I come to vote, because it is a duty”

Among the few people who made the trip at the end of the day, to the juvenile district, we find Philip. He explains: “I come to vote, because it is a duty, I have worked for a long time in the world of politics, at the Quai d’Orsay, and that is why it is important for me to come.”

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A little later, Julian came to vote, but out of spite. “In the first round, I knew who to pick and without hesitation. Today, the candidate I supported was disqualified. I put a ballot paper in the ballot box, but it was mainly out of spite, to prevent a candidate from winning.”

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