Premiere of Donald Trump as former president

Premiere of Donald Trump as former president

YoEnvironment: Trump addresses the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), an annual meeting of the conservative Republican Party. Several prominent Republicans, including former Vice President Mike Pence, did not attend this time. So he sits in the audience of Trump the most loyal among the loyal. They regularly applaud the former president, cheer him up, and shout “We love you” or “You won.” They frown when Trump brandishes the Democrats or his critical party friends. Few wear masks.

The first program: Loyalty speeches to Trump. Representative Jim Jordan called into the room: “Donald Trump is the leader of our joint movement, America First, the Republican Party. I hope he will be the leader of our great country again from January 20, 2025.” Even the conservative people of CPAC have divided opinions. Shortly before Trump’s speech, an informal poll will be published among respondents, in which 55 percent of respondents will support Trump for another term. He is succeeded by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis with 21 percent, and all other potential candidates are late. Interesting: 55 percent support in CPAC isn’t that great value. Trump, who has always been considered 100% loyal, should be upset.

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The differences: Almost everything seems to be the same, in his presidential times when Trump took the podium at 4.47pm. Sounds of Trump’s campaign song “God Bless the USA”. He claps, stickes his thumb up and smiles. Trump wears a red presidential tie to his white shirt, as usual. So one of the differences is most surprising: For the first time in more than four years, Trump is speaking in a neutral forum without a presidential seal. A symbol of a loss of strength. At the end of his 90-minute speech, “YMCA,” also a known hit from Trump’s rallies, exploded from the loudspeakers. Unlike the campaign trail (“I had 56 rallies”), Trump did so without dancing. It disappears from the stage very quickly.

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Getting started: “Hey CPAC!” Trump calls out, “Have you missed me yet?” He talks about an “incredible journey” that began four years ago and is nothing but: “We shall prevail!” He thinks she’s dead recently, right-wing talk teacher Rush Limbaugh says he’s watching.

Message: “I will not found a new party .. we have a Republican party .. it will be united and stronger than ever. Everything else is“ fake news. ”It is said that Trump thought about establishing a new party around the losing presidential election. But that would divide The right-wing camp in America; and it would be a gift to the Democrats.Because the Republicans were meeting behind Trump again, there is no need for him to create a new party.

The topics: Trump, Trump, Trump, the alleged presidential elections on November 3, 2020. After that, nothing comes first. Trump does not wear it at all. He says it is about the future of “our movement, our party, our country.” In that order, the future of Trump, then the Republicans, and then the United States. First the country, then the party? No, quite the opposite.

Attacks: Of course, against his successor, Joe Biden.

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He came to him eight minutes after the speech began. Democrats are extremists and want to introduce socialism and communism, Trump repeats phrases from the election campaign. Biden has an “unparalleled disastrous record.” Democrats are “against jobs, family, borders, women and science.” With the Democrats, hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of illegal immigrants will come to the United States.

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Optimism: Republicans will win the 2022 mid-term elections and the White House within four years. The crowd is excited, applauding a standing ovation, and shouting “USA! USA! USA!”

Conspiracy theory: Trump repeats the insubstantial claim that he won the 2020 presidential election and that the Democrats lost. But he may be ready to “beat the Democrats for a third time.” Trump calls for “fair, fair and secure elections.” In the recent elections in which tens of millions of ballots were held, the United States had a “sick and corrupt electoral system”. Once again: the elections were stolen. Trump indicates roughly 75 million votes (there were 74.2 million). Biden was withheld 81.3 million votes – and so did the only electoral college connected to the presidential election.

Judge rebukes: Trump attacked the Supreme Court – which is heavily dominated by conservatives – for dismissing his complaint against the election result. Therefore chief judges should “be ashamed of what they have done to the country.” Trump complains several times that they “have neither the courage nor the courage.”

HIT: Trump criticizes Biden for saying recently that he had not found a vaccine when he took office. It’s really ridiculous. But then, he immediately engages in absurdly overly self-praise. The rapid development of the two vaccines is a miracle that did not exist for hundreds of years. Everyone said it would take ‘five years’. Trump did not mention that a vaccine was partially developed in Germany (no American politician does).

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His government has saved large parts of the world by developing a vaccine. How many doses did Trump want to make available to other countries again?

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Half the truth: Before Trump spoke about the recent power outages in Texas, he mentioned the newest and most damaging blackouts in California. The fact that millions of Texans recently sat freezing in the dark (and about 80 of them died) was due to Trump’s inoperative wind turbines.

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A Texas network operator has always disproved this bold thesis. Texas is the energy-richest US state, and the Republican government there is proud of its self-sufficient electricity grid.

Party Friends: Trump lists by name all the Republicans who voted to condemn him in his second impeachment. The “supreme institution” of the Republicans in Washington should deal with Biden and Nancy Pelosi instead. Republican Representative Liz Cheney attacked her as “an advocate of war” and shouted to the audience. She has bad polling numbers at home, “I hope they get rid of it.” Trump demands that Republicans eliminate all those who support impeachment. He even attacked Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, who recently swore allegiance and voted to acquit him. And then, Trump has another bold thesis ready: “Democrats are always unifying.”

Nicknames: Trump has never been used in this speech. Only “Crazy Nancy” (Pelosi) spoke. No “Sleepy Joe” Biden. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are not mentioned by name or title.

No answer: not a single word about health policy, jobs, infrastructure, education and trade. However, little of what Trump plans to do programmatically during another term from 2025 to 2029.

Plea: Trump asks his fans to visit his homepage. In simple English: He wants donations.

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Gimmick: At the end of the speech, it is again about substance, an electoral victory in 2024. Once again it plays with a new nomination. Trump is convinced that there will be a Republican president in 2025: “I wonder who he could be. When? When? When? I wonder who that will be.”

Conclusion: little new, no directive, rather a reactionary show, all kinds of self-adulation. As always, Trump lied several times during his speech. He is at his best by attacking others – this time more his people than the Democrats.

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