Powered by artificial intelligence, this anonymous search engine is impossible to stop

Powered by artificial intelligence, this anonymous search engine is impossible to stop

At a time when the centralization of the Internet is increasingly contested, a team of researchers from Delft University of Technology presents an innovation that could change the game: a torrent search engine powered by artificial intelligence and completely decentralized.

Today's Internet is dominated by giants that control access to information and user data. Tribler, a BitTorrent client, doesn't see it that way by offering AI-powered decentralized search, promising to put the power back in the hands of users.

Torrent search engine powered by artificial intelligence

It was created in April 2005, the Tribler project has continued to develop, in particular thanks to a multi-million euro investment (financing of €3,538,609). The designers have developed a system in which file searches are performed without intermediaries, and their identity is hidden thanks to a proxy using the Tor network. The latest advancement in the project is (obviously) the integration of AI-powered research.

Tripler's goal is clear: to shift power from corporations and governments to citizens. Their new proposal, “De-DSI” (Decentralized Differential Search Index), combines decentralized language models stored by peers with also decentralized search. This means that users can search for content from a peer-to-peer information pool without restrictions.

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This decentralized approach offers many advantages. It makes the system censorship-resistant, because it no longer needs torrent sites to host files. It also drives technological innovation and encourages the development of new ways to search and share content.

Limited use at the moment

Proof of concept of a torrent search engine – © Tribler

But everything is not rosy. Joint proof of concept It has not yet been integrated by researchers into the Tribler client and its AI-related capabilities are still limited. In fact, the technical complexity and current limitations of AI can make initial research slower.

“For this demo, we trained it on a small dataset including YouTube URLs, Magnet links, and Bitcoin wallet addresses. All of these identifiers are labeled with a title and represent links to movie trailers, and music licensed from CC and BTC addresses for independent artists.

Although the path to full decentralization is fraught with challenges, the progress the Tribler team is making is promising. It offers a glimpse into an Internet where power is in the hands of users, a space where digital freedom and independence are the rule rather than the exception.

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