Post-apo tactics in the free Epic Games Store on December 22

Post-apo tactics in the free Epic Games Store on December 22

Released 3 years ago on PCs and consoles, Shifting Year Zero: The Road to Eden Second Extinction will replace the free-to-play Epic Games Store on Wednesday, December 22nd. A regular show, as this isn’t the first time Road to Eden has been offered as a free download on the Epic Games Store. As usual, A hint for the December 23 game will be posted right next to the free-to-download game, thanks to the printed gift wrap.

Shifting Year Zero: The Road to Eden

Conclusion of the test – Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden was very attractive at first, It is full of good ideas, but putting them into practice is not easy, and many flaws appear as you progress. Attempting a purely tactical approach would result in stinging defeats given the balance of power with the enemy. We end up realizing that it’s so easy to abuse assassinations, that we just do that, and then we end up with a small handful of tactical battles against the lone survivors, who don’t. Quickly they don’t have anything original. The small size of the group, the lack of a variety of monster animals, and the great inaccuracy of the interface make them quickly lose interest. And the misuse of grenades makes them trivial. By increasing the difficulty or forcing one not to abuse discretion, we instead find ourselves having to permanently rotate team members, changing their equipment and transfers in order to improve them in each fight, which is also painful in its own way.

Having to rummage through everything for trash quickly becomes boring. It’s a shame that every aspect of the game quickly shows its limitations and quickly loses its charm, when the game can be completed in less than 20 hours. This is the case even for the story, it is streamlined and predictable, but is saved by the artistic direction and elegant atmosphere. We’ll remember from Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden that it’s a game full of character and potential, but a few clumsiness and a lack of ambition mean you’ll likely move forward very quickly.. Read our full review.

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