Possible combination against Japan

Clouds Marion, Media 365: Posted on Wednesday, June 22, 2022 at 4:40 pm.

While France’s 15th team will be away on Wednesday from Japan, the recent training that took place at Marcuse made it possible to see what the Blues could look like in the first game.

Serious matters became clearer for Fabian Gallith and his forces. Meeting for a few days at the National Rugby Center (CNR) in Marcousi, 15th France prepares to take Japan’s lead on Wednesday, a few days before the double showdown against the Brave Blossoms. Indeed, during this summer tour, the Blues will challenge the team led by New Zealander Jimmy Joseph twice, on July 2 at Toyota Stadium (8 am) and on July 9 at Tokyo Stadium (7:50 am). If several players were absent on Wednesday during recent training in France, such as Fermi Vacata, Melvin Jamnet or Seko Makalu, a frame appeared among the 42 players selected by Galthi and his staff, according to Rugbyerama information. This can be very similar to the working basis for the first test match. but, Ten days before the first meeting on Japanese soil, some changes can be made depending on the development of some cases.

Big first for multiple players?

On the front line, Jean-Baptiste Gross, Beto Mufaka and Demba Bamba, as usual substitutes, should be aligned this time from the start. in the third line, France 15th coach may be tempted to play the continuity card with Dylan Cretin, Yuan Tanga and Charles Olivon., who will be captain of the Blues in Japan, who showed great things last Sunday with the Barbarians against England (52-21 win at Wembley). Rémi Picquette is a potential second-line option, along with Thibaud Flament. Next, Al Rochelle will make his debut with the Blues, at the age of 27. At the hinge, the tandem of Bordeaux-Bègles, namely Maxime Lucu and Matthieu Jalibert, seems to be on its way to the beginning. At the back, while some were resting on Wednesday, it is conceivable to see Matisse Lebel and Remy Paget on the wings, Yoram Movana and Damien Benaud in the center and Roman Burus in the rear position. As a reminder, the two meetings for which a broadcaster has not yet been found in France …

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Possible configuration of XV for France:

Poros – Baguette, Peñod, Moivana, Label – (S) Gallibert, (M) Loco – Olivon (hat), Tanga, Cretin – Becket, Flament – Pampa, Mufaka, Gross

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