Portia Woodman, the modern logo of women’s rugby for the world

15.11.2021 – 09.35 – class of 1991, Portia Woodman He is a New Zealand rugby player. World champion in rugby at 15 and rugby at 7. He also counts in his palms a silver and a gold medal at the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro 2016 and Tokyo 2020 respectively.
Although she was “surrounded” by rugby since childhood, being the daughter and granddaughter of two All Blacks, and growing up in a country with a real obsession with the sport, she only came close to rugby at an older age.
An assertive person, dreaming of participating in the Olympic Games from an early age, her illustrious sports career began with playing netball, a popular women’s team sport in New Zealand and similar to basketball.
At only 21 he would surely turn his attention to rugby at seven, to pursue his five-circle dream; Then he shows up at a rugby recruiting event and immediately gets a phone call to the national class he won, in 2013, World Cup “seven” in Moscow.

A very versatile player, to pass a lot of wing to support in 7-player rugby, she is a rare example of rugby talent; It has extraordinary power and amazing speed. While most professional players focus on one of the two best versions of the sport, the New Zealander is simultaneously one of the best players in the world at both.
The first time it was called with black fern, New Zealand’s top rugby team team in XV, never played a minute in this format, but that didn’t stop them from winning, in 2017, the World Cup in England, setting a new tournament record, with 13 goals and leading them to be elected. At the end of the year as the world’s best rugby player of the year and by right ascending to the ranking of the 50 most influential female rugby players, she took first place as a woman. In 2020, she was also named the 7th Player of the Decade Rugby Player of the Decade.
This year he kept his fans glued to the screen by winning the gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics. Next year’s Rugby World Cup is waiting for you on the fifteenth. All that remains is to enjoy the show and see what it will give the spectators.

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